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Recreation Database

NorthWoods Database Recreation. (Click here to return to the main Quality of Life Database page.) (Click here to return to the list of all data visualizations.) What type of information is the CRC collecting? Recreational infrastructure data fall under five categories: indoor recreation, outdoor recreation, youth recreational programming, adult recreational…

World Water Day

Dive In: Freshwater Research Opportunities

…samples from streams, lakes, and wetlands; assessment of aquatic plant communities; assessment and restoration of physical habitat in streams, rivers and lakes and their associated watersheds; data analysis, modeling, and reporting. Laboratory work focuses on the analysis of water quality, sediment, and soil samples in the Applied Research and Environmental…

Ponzio Campus Center

COVID—What You Need To Know

data is reported. Data is updated weekly on Thursdays. Vaccination rates are calculated with the number of people who completed a full vaccination series out of the total population—not a number adjusted for eligibility or full time equivalence (FTE). The data presented on the dashboard at this time includes those…

This is how we do natural resources. Woman with fish.

Natural Resources

…streams, tagging fish, and researching plants and climate change in the Apostle Islands—and then teach you how to analyze the data back at the lab. You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively, manage resources, and solve problems. Classes are small enough for in-depth field activities, data

Survey Says: Citizens Love It Here

…Chequamegon Bay Area. “This strong attachment bodes well for the region, indicating personal investment and emotional connections, essential ingredients for community and economic growth,” said Brandon Hofstedt, faculty director of the CRC, noting only 2.9 percent of residents feel unattached. The report uses survey data collected from a representative sample…

Solar Garden in Ashland Wisconsin

Northwoods Renewable Energy Production & Potential

Northwoods Database Renewable energy production and potential. (Click here to return to the main Quality of Life Database page.) (Click here to return to the list of all data visualizations.) Energy production data are collected from energy production sites, such as power plants. Nearby communities reap many of the benefits…

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Northwoods Community Survey

…various sources by the CRC. Survey data will be utilized to inform local quality of life indexes for on-line data visualizations and individual community reports. Data will also be used to produce research reports and journal articles related to social indicators efforts and rural community development. This information will be…

CRC sample data visualization tool

Data Visualizations

Data visualizations Reporting our data. Here are the current data visualizations produced by the Center for Rural Communities. For more information, contact us. Climate Change Visualization: Chequamegon Bay Climate Change Database Northwoods Database Visualizations: Energy Usage and Burden Demographics Recreation Renewable Energy Production & Potential Northwoods Community Survey Visualizations: Assets…

Fish Creek flowing into Chequamegon Bay

Researchers Prep region for Climate Change

…up around here, we were way off—40 to 50 percent off on precipitation estimates on the lower side,” Lehr said. The area’s culverts, road crossings and ditches were all built based on these erroneous data. Climate change compounds the situation even more. Chequamegon Bay is large and sits on the…

NIck Smith at booth at Loon Days

My LoonWatch Internship

…with the survey because of the willingness of the people I contacted. This type of community involvement is something I want to continue in my career. When I am not interacting with the lake communities, I am on the computer entering survey data from previous years. Each lake’s data tells…