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Northland College student in ceramics room throwing a pot.

The Start of Art at Northland

An American Crafts Movement

David Saetre, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion An American Crafts Movement Useful knowledge while stimulating the mind is a deep legacy of ceramic arts at Northland College. Northland’s ceramics legacy began in the red clay of the campus with the industry of students and faculty. In the throes of…

Mountain biking on the trails

Northland Ranks High for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Great Values Colleges Names Northland as Affordable Option

…squirrels that fluoresce pink with three faculty members at Northland College. “These kind of discoveries are possible in our backyard,” said Erik Olson, assistant professor of natural resources. “That is one of the beautiful things about our location; we have a built in laboratory—all you need is a sense of…

Faculty receive training for providing online instruction to students.

Northland Halts In-Person Instruction

Transitions to Online Courses March 23

…four weeks of classes online. Faculty were given a week to move their classrooms online. The College had not yet determined decisions for May term. “Like everyone else, we’re adjusting to new information day by day,” Solibakke said. “This is a first and we’re working with the best information we…


Caribou, Snapchat, and Avocado Graphs

Ogle offers May term statistical computing.

Ogle offers May term statistical computing. Derek Ogle, professor of mathematical sciences, was not scheduled to teach a course during May term. But then there was Covid-19. Northland pivoted to online courses in mid-March, and both Dean Wendy Gorman and President Karl Solibakke quickly solicited the faculty for courses that…

Northland College staff Stacy Craig

A Deeper Life Because of Northland

…the BioWatch Program at the Department of Homeland Security. Tina Ramme inspired staff, faculty, students, and community members with her stories of being a single mom working in Africa leading lion conservation efforts. Shannon Franks, a senior scientist with NASA, presented on working with satellite imagery to analyze the earth’s…

Harvest Trail tickets

A Meal to Celebrate Seasonal Abundance

Harvest Trail Dinner Scheduled for Friday

…producers, students, and faculty to come together to learn, teach, and research issues around food, sustainability, and economic vitality in rural communities. “I think having conversations over dinner is one of the best ways to get to know people and to have an honest, open conversation about food,” Simpson said….

Solar panels at ELLC residence hall

Hope Is Not a Strategy

Northland Divestment Complete

…in Higher Education named Northland College top in the nation for a sustainability curriculum. More than 80 percent of faculty incorporate sustainability into the classroom. Most recently, the Princeton Review’s “Top 50 Green Colleges” ranked Northland 16th. Why is this important? According to a 2019 Education Advisory Board industry study…

Northland College Professor Erik Olson standing on a fallen white pine tree.

Second Life of a White Pine

Maxwell Property Provides Off-Campus Learning Opportunities

On a parcel of land known as the Maxwell property, a dozen Northland students follow Jon Martin, associate professor of forestry, down a narrow footpath near the winding banks of the White River. These students are in the Sustainable Forest Management May Term course and are using the Maxwell property,…

Northland College Campus

Finding True North

…still on the ground. Since then, I’ve spoken with parents who express their heartfelt thanks for the care and concern of our faculty and staff as we transitioned to a new reality, creating innovative online classwork and maintaining close ties amid the disruption. Last week, a generous gift arrived with…

Locker Rooms

Northland Upgrades Locker Rooms

…of paint. Visiting women’s teams will continue to use the public space. The locker rooms will be well used and well appreciated. One-third of the student body—214 students—participate in varsity sports, and many faculty, staff, and students use the facilities. “This is a professional, grade-A experience for everyone,” Gregory said….