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…were one or more territorial pairs present on this lake. (Routinely observed a loon pair(s) on this lake who were not aggressive with each other.) e. Both c. and d. 6. Ice-out date? (month/day) ____/____ 7. When did loons first arrive on the lake in spring? (month/day) ____/____ depart in…

Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy V4 2.23.21

…Authority status).  Day: a calendar day, including weekends and holidays.  Education program or activity: locations, events, or circumstances where Northland College exercises substantial control over both the Respondent and the context in which the sexual harassment or discrimination occurs and also includes any building owned or controlled by…

Northland College faculty Jesse M. Caskey and Franklin C. Lane

Before the Beginning

Fifteen years before the Apostle Islands became a park, faculty and students established a field laboratory on Rocky.

Northland College senior Katie Tapper sits at a table.

What Do Fish Eat?

Katie Tapper ’21 catalogs the culinary quirks of Lake Superior fish.

Retired professor Tim Doyle at home.

Skills for a Meaningful Life

Professor Tim Doyle '84 retires.