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Wolf laying down

Wolf Status Reports

Every one to three years (depending on region) state and federal agencies survey and monitor gray wolf populations. These reports summarize the best available information on the status of gray wolves in specific regions in the United States.

Wolf in winter with the Great Lakes Wolf Symposium logo

Great Lakes Wolf Symposium

In 2018, the Midwest Wolf Stewards meeting will not be held so attendees will participate in the International Wolf Symposium October 12-14. Learn more at the IWS Symposium website. Take a look at the 2017 presentations….

FinalGreat Lakes Science for Parks Symposium 2023 Booklet

…of regeneration by other floodplain species, threatens these forest ecosystems. Within Crosby Farms, EAB mortality created large mortality centers. We used these mortality centers to establish the first urban affiliated site within the ASCC network in 2019. Prior to overstory removal during the winter of 2019-2020, pre-treatment conditions were measured….

Wolves by Numbers Adrian’s PP for WSST pdf

…937-1364. A minimum count was not done in 2021, but subtracted 14.5% from the mode estimate gives an estimate of minimum count of 963 wolves. Changes in Wisconsin Gray Wolf Population: 1980-2020 25 20 23 19 18 14 15 18 26 31 34 39 45 40 54 83 99 148…

Lake Namakogan


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