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Bee on a flower

Mini Adventures for Youth at Home

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Youth Outreach

…our day to see each new post! Participants have mapped their backyard, found animal tracks and written creative stories of what they observed, explored for signs of spring, created art inspired by nature, looked for homes of plants and animal friends living nearby, and, written nature inspired haiku’s. One mother…

Two paddle boarders on Lake Superior

International Joint Commission Coming to Northland

The Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation is partnering with the International Joint Commission to host a public listening session in the Northland College Alvord Theatre September 25 at 7 p.m. The International Joint Commission (IJC) is a Canadian-United States treaty organization that seeks to prevent and resolve issues facing the…

Mary Johnson

The Search for Non-Toxic Materials

Chemistry Prof and Students Publish Results

Chemistry Prof and Students Publish Results After nearly five years, over 1,500 experiments, and more than $100,000 in funding, Professor of Chemistry Nick Robertson and twelve Northland College students* published a paper last month in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science. Additional authors include Professor Michael Carney at the University…

Hudack’s Philosophy?

Stay Calm and Remain Positive

Stay Calm and Remain Positive Ashland native Tiffany Hudack played softball at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota, where she was the assistant softball coach for two years. She returned home to coach softball at Northland in 2018. What’s your coaching philosophy? To stay positive no matter how…


Rethinking Plantation Tourism 

 Time to Get Real About Our History

…understand why my three white teachers thought it was a great idea to take us to a plantation. Even at ten years old, I knew a plantation was not a happy place, so I pretended to be sick that day. Then in the sixth grade, the same teachers planned a…