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Happy Anniversary, LoonWatch


…to have them back here on my lake. I’ll bet you feel the same. Ted Rulseh, who lives on Birch Lake in Harshaw, is the author of The Lake Where You Live, a blog where readers can learn about the lakes they love—the history, geology, biology, chemistry, physics, magic, charm….

Visiting lecturer Brendan Baylor in his studio

Artist takes fresh look at historical clearcut

…He transferred the original image onto thirty-two panels, each measuring one by one foot, to create a woodcut print grid of four by eight panels. The main thing that slowed his work, was human limitation: he could only physically cut about one block a day without risking hand cramps and…

Weather graphic of clouds, snow, and lightning

7 Weather Watchers

Meterological Careers

…said. Nathan Lynum ’16 graduated in May 2018 from the School of Mines and Technology in South Dakota with a master of science degree in atmospheric and environmental sciences. His thesis research has been focused on the influences and different physical processes within a large single supercell interacting with extreme…

Q & A With Robin Wall Kimmerer

…a gathering of traditional plant elders and it was a pivot point for me. In listening to them, to their holistic perspective, which was simultaneously spiritual and physical, it re-awakened the desire to embrace both of these ways of knowing. I’ve been blessed by having good teachers along my path,…

Students Seek Citizen Help for Gray Fox Research

…friend or neighbor seeing one. Researchers are particularly interested in the following observational details: A physical description of the fox observed, or a photograph if available; A description of the observation itself, including the time and date of the encounter; Location of the observation: describe the location in clear detail…

Fish Creek flowing into Chequamegon Bay

Researchers Prep region for Climate Change

…Professor of Sustainable Regional Development at Northland College in Ashland. He explained that precipitation estimates for the Bayfield Peninsula developed decades ago are inaccurate because they don’t take into account the unique local weather situation caused by geography and Lake Superior. “As we’ve learned more about how weather patterns set…

Paulette Moore with her camera

Free Speech TV Premieres Moore’s Doc

…Wisconsin with Love. This film focuses on the spiritual, economic, physical, and legal aspects of the act of harvest from the perspective of Ojibwe prophecy and practice. “Indigenous world view and action are focused on relationship and responsibility to each other, to the land and the water. When we consider…

kayaking students

Lake Superior is the Classroom

…dynamic this lake is and, like our bodies, how it constantly changes. It can seem angry or peaceful as though it has different moods. Its topography changes dramatically as we traveled to different ports. Yet it connects us all through its astounding beauty, and the chance to play and work…

Fostering the Next Generation of Stewards

physical well-being as well as their emotional health. Studies support the value of outdoor experiences in the development of the whole child. REGISTER NOW. A very large percentage of young people spend less time outside than did children of their parents’ generation. What’s more, people born after 1995 are considered…