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Sigurd Olson and Robert Matteson stand in front of Memorial Hall

From the Archives: The Letter That Started it All

Fifty years ago, an administrative assistant in the president’s office at Northland College rolled a piece of paper into a typewriter, dated it “March 27, 1972” in the upper right corner, and then transcribed a letter from Malcolm McLean (president of Northland College 1971–87) to Sigurd Olson and Robert Matteson….

From the Archives: The Sigurd Olson Legacy Project

Alan Brew, Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Executive Director Deeper Into the Archives 1995 Horizons Newsletter Announcement About the Sigurd Olson Legacy Project Master Inventory of Sigurd F. and Elizabeth Olson’s Personal Library In the fall of 1937, Sigurd Olson converted a one-car garage located in front of his Ely, Minnesota,…

Two people hold a sign reading “Get Ready for Nonviolence” in winter

What I Learned in Jail

…last breath of fall and duck into the idling police car. Orange is the New Black has come and gone. We’ve weighed in on police reform and privilege. Changed our Facebook backgrounds and painted signs to hang in our windows, sometimes crooked, bending backwards under their own weight. I still…

Northland students in canoes

Outdoor Recreation: For Students, By Students

…sense of place in our region as well as a sense of belonging within the Northland culture of connecting with others in the out-of-doors,” said Evan Coulson, Bro Professor of Sustainable Regional Development and assistant professor of outdoor education. Piloted last year, Outdoor Pursuits facilitated ninety different outings and trips…


The Stories and Voices of This Region

WritersRead Celebrates Ten Years

…brand of storytellers. Ten years ago poet Ros Nelson and I turned the storytelling in our region into an annual event—WritersRead, an event taking place Friday, January 24 at 7 p.m. in the Alvord Theatre at Northland College. It started with Ros’ idea to ask writers around Chequamegon Bay to…

Andrew Jensen

Clouds and Climate Change

Prof Andrew Jensen Develops Mathematical Model

…aerosol distribution and variability over the pristine Southern Indian Ocean. Atmospheric Environment,182, pp.17-30 Pujol, O, Jensen, A., 2019. Cloud-rain predator-prey interactions: analyzing some properties of the Koren-Feingold model and introduction of a new species-competition bulk system with a Hopf bifurcation. To appear in Physica D. Jensen and Pujal are focused…

Commencement 2021

Congratulations, Graduates 2021

Class of 2021

… The Last Lecture Friday, May 28 Professor of Biology Andy Goyke shares a live address titled “Walking a Mile in My Shoes”. Commencement Saturday, May 29 President Solibakke shares his congratulations to the Class of 2021 with Board Chair Chad Dayton, Dean of Academic Affairs Wendy Gorman, Lecturer…

Northland College student Adrian Bethel

A Winning Combination

Forestry and Baseball

…Drummond and Cornucopia areas so I used to come every summer. As soon as I went on the website and found that Northland had forestry, I knew it was my spot. Why did you stay? Having the opportunities to do field and lab research while also being able to continue…

Northland Announces Fall Schedule

…welcoming party and the alumni Fall Festival weekend. “Our goal, as always, is to provide a safe, inviting, and nurturing space for learning,” said President Karl I. Solibakke. “This year is just trickier than most.” Fall term classes will start August 31 and end on December 2 and instruction will…

How I Met My Husband, Our Illegal Wedding, and Other Adventures

…whom I’ve come to share a life. I studied writing at Northland with a minor in biology. I learned how to compose a sentence and what it meant to be liberally educated in the most traditional sense: to be encouraged to follow your curiosities toward new insights that unveil human…