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…were one or more territorial pairs present on this lake. (Routinely observed a loon pair(s) on this lake who were not aggressive with each other.) e. Both c. and d. 6. Ice-out date? (month/day) ____/____ 7. When did loons first arrive on the lake in spring? (month/day) ____/____ depart in…

Northland College faculty Jesse M. Caskey and Franklin C. Lane

Before the Beginning

Fifteen years before the Apostle Islands became a park, faculty and students established a field laboratory on Rocky.

Red canoe on a lake

Keep Wilderness Act's Flame Burning Bright

By Mark Peterson and David Zentner Lake Superior Wilderness Conference | September 5-6 | Duluth, MN Rarely is federal legislation passed today with such unanimity as happened with the Wilderness Act 50 years ago this week. The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Act 373-1. The Senate approved it 73-12….