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Farm images and embroidery tools

Northland Class Taking Art Project, Film to Minnesota

ST. JOSEPH, MINN. – An embroidery, beading, print, and photography art project that features Minnesota farmers, local artists, locally sourced yarn and encourages community collaboration is coming to the Minnesota Street Market food co-op (27 W Minnesota St, St Joseph, MN 56374) Tuesday, April 12. The project titled “People of…

7 Recommended Reads for World Water Day

…the political economy of limited resources anywhere. 2. Paddle-to-the-Sea, Holling C. Holling (1941) An oldie and one for children, but still one of the best resources of Great Lakes geography and the watershed education. In it, a young First Nation boy carves a toy canoe with a figure inside and…

Northland College student holding phone.

The Woman Behind the Screen

…Lake Superior. She asked her mom to stop and they toured campus. She was hooked on the place and the location. She expected to study biology; she didn’t expect to study art. But she received a smaller grant requiring she take art classes. She registered for black and white photography

Northland College goalie blocks puck

Meet the Next Sustainable Entrepreneur

…things I can do to help the environment,” he said. In particular, DiLillo took a sustainability community development class with Associate Professor of Physics Scott Grinnell, called Renewable Energy and Sustainable Design. “The class is centered around the benefits of green building which is exactly what I want my business…


Enhancing Behavioral Health in Northern Wisconsin

…and Washburn counties, and NorthLakes Community Clinic. The Endowment recently announced funding for ten community coalitions to support community-based improvements in behavioral health. The overall goals of the initiative include: statewide improvement in behavioral health, improved physical health among those with behavioral health conditions, and improved prevention and healthcare resources….

Northland College alumnus Scott Canfield at the white board

Alum Inspires Students with Science

…Working with high school students for three summers has helped Canfield with his own research: further understanding the blood-brain barrier, the cellular barrier that maintains a metabolic, and physical barrier between the blood and the brain. “Observing their interest, passion, and excitement really motivates me in the lab and gives…

Exploring Interactions Between Humans and Wildlife

Andrew East `10 Uses Northland Lessons for Science & Teaching

Then: Andrew East graduated in 2010 with a degree in natural resources. For his capstone, he surveyed small mammals to determine the prey availability and dynamics for northern shrikes in Ashland County. Through that project and several others in the natural resources department, he and others explored physiology, behavior, and…

In Wildness and Wonder

physically safer than ever before (fewer parties, fewer car accidents, etc.) while rates of teen depression and suicide are skyrocketing. Believing that experiences of wildness and wonder can be a powerful counterforce to these trends, the Institute will focus in the coming years on creating and facilitating these experiences and…

Northland College graduation cap decorated with solar panels

A Future in Solar

Loucks '18 to hold first paid sustainability internship for City of Ashland

…southern Wisconsin. Q. Name a pivotal moment that helped shape your current plan? A. The experience that most shaped my future was taking AP Human Geography as a freshman in high school. This was the class that initially lead me to begin thinking globally about humanity’s problems, and studying population…

SONWA Winners 2017

Honeybees and a trailblazing scientist top the 2017 SONWA book awards

…humanity’s complex relationship with them—weaving together stories from scientists, brewers, gardeners, manufacturers, and beekeepers,” said Northland College student Erin Bergen, who serves on the SONWA selection committee. For children’s literature, the SONWA committee named author Suzanne Slade and illustrator Jessica Lanan for Out of School and Into Nature, a biography