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Michele Small

Defining CliFi

Prof Michele Small talks about her new course.

…the impact of climate change —already a reality!— on humanity and on the earth, in the present or the coming decades. So, in fact, CliFi can be designated as the near-future science fiction which not only reflects current scientific knowledge about climate change but also, by the power of literature,…

Northland College chemistry student Dakota Stankowski runs trials researching sustainable plastics.

Turning Waste into Everyday Materials

Chem Prof and Students Publish Findings

…a waste product into a useful material? The soap and biodiesel industries annually generate roughly 1.5 million tons of glycerol as a production coproduct, which far exceeds the current uses for glycerol. Robertson and students focused on using diglycerol to prepare new materials, which is derived from glycerol. In short,…

Loon airs its wings

LoonWatch Seeks Volunteers for the Wisconsin Loon Population Survey

…survey is vital to assessing the effectiveness of current conservation efforts with the loon population. LoonWatch is actively pursuing volunteers for our 2020 Wisconsin Loon Population Survey. Our one-day survey on 258 pre-selected lakes in northern Wisconsin will take place on July 18 between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. During…


Alumni Sew Masks for Incoming Students

…reusable masks, Mullenbrock and Grom-Domoto asked their alma mater family to include words of encouragement to go along with the gift, like this one from Nancy: This is really a Superior hug from a Northland College alumna to a current student. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors. May…

Portrait of Roger Dreher with canoe paddle.

When Missions Align

Roger Dreher contributes annually to a scholarship to assist students.

…her with his love of the north woods.” By 1983, the Dreher’s had two young children. They bought this eight-acre parcel near Drummond (and later added an adjoining six). For the next seven years, they spent all their weekends building and finishing the current house, including the deck on which…

The Impossible Burger Won’t Save Us

…is pure hubris at best, and places the onus on consumers rather than industry. What we need is systemic change away from current agribusiness and food policies—ones that promote monocultures, factory farms, and industry monopolies—that created these problems in the first place, and instead develop policies that prioritize regional food…

A collage of climate initiatives

17 Ways We’re Tackling Climate Change

Adapting and Restoring Ecosystems Sarah Johnson, associate professor of natural resources, merges scholarship on ecosystem vulnerabilities and risk with ecosystem adaptation and opportunity. She currently co-chairs the Plants and Natural Communities Working Group of the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts that will see the first demo sites on state-owned…


WPR: Report Recommends Rewrite of Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

White Paper Suggest More Holistic Approach to Water Quality Management

…feel the current agreement is working. Cole-Misch noted previous updates of the agreement also requested a review of the binational commitment roughly every decade to a dozen years. “Recognizing that the issues may change, the priorities may change, how our governments are operating may change so wanting to keep the…

Wildlife icons to illustrate wildlife reearch.

Wildlife Research Lab

The number of published papers by current and former students on the bulletin board outside Erik Olson’s office has exploded in the last year. An associate professor of natural resources, Olson established a Wildlife Research Lab in the fall of 2013 for serious scholarship, inquiry, curiosity, and research. The lab…

A student stands outside wearing a surgical mask.

COVID Campus Communication

…We encourage all eligible individuals to get vaccinated and boosted. Doing so helps reduce coronavirus spread, slows the pace and number of mutations, and limits the need for advanced medical services—which are currently at the upper limits of their capacity in our community. Evidence from around the world continues to…