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Student at poster session.

Welnetz: Science and the Back Country

…great Northland students can be and how they will be the next great generation of problem-solvers,” Hudson explained. For the past two years, Welnetz has collected water samples from the region and monitored Lake Superior temperatures and wind events to see if costal upwelling has an effect on the ecosystem….

wolf head

TWA Responds to State Bill 602/AB712

…trapping seasons and responses to wolf depredation problems. The population information is also the foundation of science-based decisions about the management of the wolf population and about the future status of wolves at both the federal- and state-level. Cessation of monitoring activities would prevent sound, science-based decision making in the…

Northland College graduate Olivia Anderson runs tests at the Burke Center lab

Summer Ideal Time for Gaining Professional Experience

Olivia Anderson, 2018 Graduate

Major: sustainable community development with physical planning and development emphasis, and natural resources with ecological restoration emphasis Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota Future Plans: sustainable design Q. What are you up to post-graduation? A. Short-term, this summer and at least into the fall I will be working for the Mary Griggs…

Northland College student and wolf pup

Howling with Wolves

For Wolf Awareness Week, we asked three students about their experiences with wolves. Jordyn O’Gara, Junior Natural resources with wildlife ecology and ecological restoration emphasis Future plans? I would ideally love to work in a wildlife ecology program where I can have a combination of public education and field research;…

Northland College alumnus Simeon Rossi standing behind bar full of lemons

From Ornithology to Loonshine


…Lancaster, who owns her own business in Marquette, Michigan, would later design the Loon Liquors artwork. “I loved Austin but Texas was going through a terrible drought and I started feeling nostalgic for Minnesota,” he said. “And I had to think hard about my future. Should I go forward and…

Northland College student Hattie Hoffman plays guitar

In Pursuit of Biology, Music, & Environmental Justice

…parts of the Northland community. “Northland gives you everything you need to succeed in anything you want to do, and is one of the most supportive communities I have ever been in,” she said. Looking toward her future at Northland and onward, Hattie hopes to keep the future an open…

Forest Lodge Educational Campus Takes Shape

…work at the estate, points to the College’s unique credo when describing this natural partnership; the school challenges students, faculty, and staff to lead on a high path to a better future. It is in the spirit of leading to this higher path that the SOEI has begun to explore…

President Miller meeting with students

Op-Ed: Reinventing the Liberal Arts Model

…when small colleges are merging, downsizing or closing shop, we’re ramping it up. We’re taking advantage of our unique location. The College has engaged with the community to partner on programs around the health and future of the region. And people who care about Northland College and our surrounding community…

Chemistry students with Professor Nick Robertson

Chem Cohort Inch Forward Field of Sustainable Plastics

…help. These are skills Robertson believes will be vital to their future success. “We’re past the pride part. There’s always going to be someone who knows more than I do, and working with a group now has taught me to break through that barrier,” Corcoran said. “It has made things…

wolf head

Doug Smith: Lessons from Yellowstone

…but wolf populations have increased worldwide. Yellowstone’s wolves are secure and protected. Telling their story will be a big part of future scientific endeavors. If the past is a guide, people will watch too, and tell their own stories about the Yellowstone wolves. Doug Smith is the senior wildlife biologist…