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Quick Links Your financial aid award helps fund your educational expenses, and with careful planning will cover your direct and indirect college costs. How do the dollars and cents listed on the award translate into living and learning experiences on campus? Taking the time to learn about your financial aid…

students skateboarding at graduation


Well done! You’ve made it to your big day. Learn about 2022 commencement activities. Well done! You’ve made it to your big day. You are eligible to participate in commencement and baccalaureate activities if you have completed requirements by December 2020 or expect to complete graduation requirements by May or…

Northland Town Hall

…and learns for current alums to share insights and advice on professional topics with other alums–in the planning stage. Continuing our direction on alumni engagement and student retention Recent Highlights Giving Tuesday was December 1, 2020 – Over 260 total supporters raised nearly $108,000! Fun stats: » Alumni: 153, $17,293;…

Northland College leadership in virtual meeting

Nimble and Resilient

Northland College Carries On

…Chad: One of the real successes we demonstrated was the interdisciplinary pandemic course in May term of 2020. I think that was a real injection of positivity. And how fitting for Northland to adopt a number of outdoor classrooms! So innovative, but also true to our core mission and the…


WPR: Report Recommends Rewrite of Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

White Paper Suggest More Holistic Approach to Water Quality Management

10 annexes that separately address concerns ranging from invasive species to chemical pollution. “What we are proposing is that we need to be taking a more holistic view at our water quality issues,” said Valerie Damstra, the center’s operations manager. “Climate change isn’t something, for example, that’s an add-on. That’s…

Alum Halley Hyde

Holding It All Together

Alum Haley Hyde '19

…me intervening at all and I think that watching that really helped me steer myself in the direction that I plan to follow as an educator.” In July 2020, she was offered a position as a 4K teacher—and so began learning a new role while juggling remote communication. That said,…

Northland College Men's Hockey Team Photo 2016-2017

Nurturing Miggy’s Legacy

Christopher T. Morgan Scholarship

…the team’s most dedicated player as voted on by their teammates. Chris won this very award as a senior in high school which made this award so meaningful. Caroline and Tom have traveled the last two years to give out the award. The 2020 recipient was senior Kyle Pouncy, Chris’s…

The Minar family

Three Generations of Northland Connections

The Legacy of the Minar Family

…so inspired by Lake Superior, the north woods, and Northland that she changed her world and decided to move,” Janet said. Carol died April 7, 2020, leaving a generous bequest to the College’s annual fund. Janet plans to follow suit with a bequest to support efforts to research, conserve, and…

Devil's Island Apostle Islands

IJC Releases Recommendations

Lake Superior Has Seen At Least 5 Blooms In The Last Decade

…quality. The 2020 Second Triennial Assessment of Progress Report calls on the U.S. and Canada to identify the amount of nutrient runoff entering Lake Superior and dynamics that play a role in the formation of blue-green algae blooms, also known as cyanobacteria. Such blooms can be toxic to humans and…

Northland College business students demonstrate their hazelnut protein balls.

Nuts for Hazelnuts

A Farming Solution to Climate Change

…hazelnuts as a solution,” said Todd Rothe, director of the Food Center and owner of River Road Farm. Fischbach is poised to distribute hazelnut seedlings to farmers in the spring of 2020 though it will take years to see results—four years before hazelnuts start producing and eight years until farmers…