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Two Northland College students and dogs

Finding Home on a New Campus

Transfer Students Michaela Jurewicz and Katie Tapper

…did you decide to transfer? And why Northland? Katie: I transferred to Northland for the field experience that most classes have as well as access to many environmental science courses and the small class sizes. The idea of not being just another name in a 200+ people class was very…

Tara Padovan

Tara Devotes Semester to Helping Refugees

…to do.” Tara attended a high school semester at Conserve School, which grounded her in environmental stewardship and leadership, and then went on to do a semester at Woolman School, where she focused on social justice. Coming to Northland was a natural next step, she said. Majoring in gender and…

How I Met My Husband, Our Illegal Wedding, and Other Adventures

…it does living in right relationship—with my husband, family, friends, and all the others, human and non-human, whom I depend upon daily. Call it queer ecology if you’d like, or environmental justice, or being a good ancestor, perhaps, though none quite fit completely. For the sake of this story, I…

Northland College student Mya Simon

Stolen Sisters on Lake Superior

10,000 Native American Women Reported Missing

…Simon studies English and Native American studies. She is an active member of the Native American Student Association and recently interviewed Ojibwe author Linda LeGarde Grover, who will be speaking Wednesday, October 9 at 7 p.m. at Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute from her new novel about a Native American woman…

Professor Dick Verch recorded plant taxonomy samples on Stockton Island in the early 1970s.

The Beauty and Fury of Lake Superior

Notes from the Field

Tom Dahl ’76 Notes from the Field Employed by the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute under a contract from the National Park Service, I was part of a team of students who conducted an ecological inventory of the Apostle Islands in the summer of 1975. I believe there were five teams…


REFund Turns 20

…and his father at his father’s woodshop. They built the sauna over the summer of 2019 and hauled the trailer to campus—and then the pandemic hit before the first fire was lit. For now, it sits in a parking lot and Liam is working with the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute

Mary Van Evera Visual Arts Center

In Gratitude and Recognition

Honoring the Van Evera Foundation’s partnership with Northland College and the woman who made it happen.

…for her deeds and “you get more done when others get the credit.” Her son Stephen described her as “addicted to Northland,” fiercely committed to its mission, as well as the ethos of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Mary appreciated that the College was not elitist, as she felt strongly…

Films on Demand

A streaming video platform providing access to educational programs from Films Media Group including American Experience, BBC, Bill Moyers, California Newsreel, Cambridge Educational, Canadian Broadcasting, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Meridian Educational, National Geographic, Nova, and PBS. (Login required)…


JSTOR (Journal STORage) provides full-image access to and archival coverage of a core group of scholarly journal titles in selected fields, some titles with access from 1665 to the 21st century. Complete runs of more than 200 journals are available in 17 selected disciplines. Each title in the database has…


A collection of scholarly, governmental, and popular titles covering all aspects of human impact to the environment including content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and recycling. Provides indexing and abstracts for more than 800,000 records and for open access full text for 12,000 records.