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NIck Smith at booth at Loon Days

My LoonWatch Internship

By Nicholas G. Smith Last winter I applied for the LoonWatch internship at the SOEI. I saw this as an opportunity to learn ways to bring wildlife science together with a large caring community for the betterment of this beautiful bird. The job description entailed becoming proficient in loon ecology,…

authors and books graphic

Conf to Highlight The Power of Story

…remember, they’re going to be motivated, and they’re going to become caring people.” Conference activities focus on practical ways for educators to integrate environmental ideas through reading and language arts. Activities will also help educators meet state common core standards. Registration is required. The cost is $85. Registration is closed….

Northland College alum Kinsey Neal standing in Lake Superior

Be Bold, Be Radical, Be Respectful

Kinsey Neal '18 on Leadership and Pushing for Change

…meaningful way. When difficult decisions have to be made, it’s easy to be confident when coming from a place of caring. As an SCD major, community means a lot to me and kindness is the foundation. Q. What lessons have you learned along the way? A. Be bold, be radical,…

In Wildness and Wonder

The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Looks to the Future By Alan Brew, Executive Director of the SOEI Over the past year, in anticipation of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute’s fiftieth anniversary in 2022, the staff of the Institute have reflected on its history and deliberated about its future. We have…

Northland College student Hattie Hoffman plays guitar

In Pursuit of Biology, Music, & Environmental Justice

…parts of the Northland community. “Northland gives you everything you need to succeed in anything you want to do, and is one of the most supportive communities I have ever been in,” she said. Looking toward her future at Northland and onward, Hattie hopes to keep the future an open…

Forest Lodge Educational Campus Takes Shape

…work at the estate, points to the College’s unique credo when describing this natural partnership; the school challenges students, faculty, and staff to lead on a high path to a better future. It is in the spirit of leading to this higher path that the SOEI has begun to explore…

Chemistry students with Professor Nick Robertson

Chem Cohort Inch Forward Field of Sustainable Plastics

…help. These are skills Robertson believes will be vital to their future success. “We’re past the pride part. There’s always going to be someone who knows more than I do, and working with a group now has taught me to break through that barrier,” Corcoran said. “It has made things…

Student looking through geology loop

A Future in Geologic Time

…it is difficult to know what she will want from life in the next few years, but she’s excited for the journey. “Ready to take what I have learned here and apply it elsewhere. I don’t know what the future has in store for me,” Annie said. “I just hope…

Gary Ferguson

Wolf Awareness Week Focuses on Yellowstone Wolves

…Environmental Institute magazine that although many of the issues in Yellowstone have been addressed, challenges for wolves remain. “Telling their story will be a big part of future scientific endeavors,” he wrote. Ferguson will speak about expanding the modern conservation movement—an undertaking Ferguson says could benefit greatly from something he…

Young ladies in a canoe on a lake with fall colors behind them.

Youth Outreach Programs

Planting the Seeds of Literature The Children’s and Young Adult Literature Conference is a symposium for educators, including public librarians, teachers, child care providers, parents, and college students enrolled in fields related to education. Held at Northland College, this conference will include keynote presentations, breakout sessions, networking time, book signing,…