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Northland College alumnus Joe Fitzgerald on stage.

The Place Where You Start

Burke alum keeps environmental justice at the core of his work.

Josey Schanen, Student Researcher Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation Burke alum keeps environmental justice at the core of his work. There are those who dream of a socially just world and there are those who dare to make that dream a reality. Joe Fitzgerald, a 2016 graduate, didn’t…

graphic of founding fathers

What the Founders Got Wrong

A Constitution Day Conversation

…naturalization. “Anyone who knows me knows your part of the country is my favorite place on Earth,” Feingold told Angela Stroud, associate professor of sociology and social justice, during his opening remarks during a virtual conversation. Feingold has a house on Madeline Island and has spent portions of the last…

Northland College students Aaron and Sarah Houle stand in the Fitness Center

Houle Siblings Play Ball

Aaron and Sarah Houle of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, grew up around basketball—their dad was a coach for fifteen years—so they knew they would likely pursue basketball. They just didn’t know they would be playing at the same college. Aaron, a senior, is studying elementary education with a minor in social

Northland College alum Bryan Rawlings and his son Northland College student Ryan Rawlings

Rawlings 2.0

Two Generations of Rawlings Play Basketball

Two Generations of Rawlings Play Basketball Ryan Rawlings grew up playing basketball outside his house at the end of a cul-de-sac in Bowie, Maryland. “Since I could walk, I had a basketball in my hand,” Ryan, a first-year transfer, is studying sociology and social justice and playing basketball. Not a…

Aja Gregg ’22 with her research project

A Conversation with Aja Gregg: Northland’s 2022 Commencement Speaker

Toni Alioto Each year, a graduating senior is selected to serve as the student speaker at commencement. This year, Aja Gregg, graduating with a degree in sociology and social justice and a minor in psychology, will deliver the student address to her fellow graduates. A McNair Scholar, basketball player, and…

Northland College student standing on campus.

Aja Is Shining Bright

…identification with its concepts and her lived experience, Aja changed her major to sociology. Now, after three years of working with Dr. Schanning as a mentor and friend, Aja aims to become a sociology professor to inspire others to make social change just like Professor Schanning did for her. Northland’s…

The photo image from Good Guys with Guns by Northland College Professor Angela Stroud

A Good Guy with a Gun Isn’t the Answer

Commentary for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

…anyone kill 20 first-graders in Connecticut? Why would a person spray bullets into a Colorado theater? How could someone pray with 10 people in Charleston and then kill all but one? To read the full article. By Angela Stroud, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Justice Commentary for Milwaukee Journal…

The Bad River makes one last turn through the Kakagon-Bad River Sloughs on its way to Lake Superior

From the Archives: The Chequamegon Bay Area Partnership

…challenges associated with caring for it across numerous political and jurisdictional boundaries, a diverse group of municipalities, tribal governments, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and county, state, and federal agencies came together in 2009 to form the Chequamegon Bay Area Partnership. Founded initially to capitalize on funding opportunities available through the…

Northland sign

Not Your Typical May Term

Northland Unites to Provide Pandemic Course

…opportunity to study pandemics through a multidisciplinary approach. This course will be team-taught by more than 15 different professors, each providing their own lens of understanding. Through daily video lectures by Northland faculty, readings, and online discussions, students will examine how societies understand and respond to pandemics of the past…

Northland College Assistant Professor of Sustainable Community Development Nicole Foster

Meeting The World With Heart

…this work by facilitating creative projects aimed at strengthening place attachment, community identity, and social capital in the neighborhood. We will also be collaborating with Arts Wisconsin and the Chequamegon Bay Arts Council to re-imagine what a sustainable creative economy looks like in a post-Covid, rural context. Student researchers will…