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Sigurd Olson Scholars

Northland Awards Four Sigurd Olson Scholarships

…South Milwaukee High School South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Interested in studying natural resources, water science, and engineering. High school highlights: ✔️ Recipient of the Calmer L. Johnson/John W. Leslie ITW Scholarship, affiliated with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. ✔️ Team captain for the “Cudahy Packer Trap Team” for two years, and…

Northland College student Frank Wroblewski

Mapping the Mountains of Venus

Frank Wroblewski '19

…College that he pursued it. In his third semester, he took Glacial Geology with Professor Dave Ullman, who was impressed by Wroblewski’s academic vigor and desire to pursue research. For the class, Ullman asked students to write a National Science Foundation-style proposal on a topic of their choosing. Wroblewski’s proposal…

Author Edward Abbey

Trespassing With Edward Abbey

Dave Olesen ’79 It was November 17, 1977, exactly two years and a week after the Edmund Fitzgerald sank with twenty-nine crew members on board. In those years, Northland had some funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and Edward Abbey, author of Desert Solitaire, was on campus to…

Pride Flag in the Ponzio Campus Center

The Story Behind the Pride Flag on Campus

…flag has become an international symbol for Pride, but it started flying in the community long before it reached this status. In June of 1969, New York Police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club in Greenwich Village. Police forcefully removed staff and clubgoers from the premises, sparking a riot…

Northland College hockey captains stand on Lake Superior.

Captains of Their Future

Seniors and hockey captains Amanda Aboundader of Montreal, Quebec, and Ty Kraus of East St. Paul, Manitoba, were featured on the cover of the spring edition of the Northland College magazine. Amanda is majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. She will be playing for the National Lebanese Women’s…

Andrew Jensen

Clouds and Climate Change

Prof Andrew Jensen Develops Mathematical Model

…aerosols to be the largest single uncertainty in climate prediction. In fact, the United National Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, charged with evaluating climate change science, has made it a top priority. “Overall, clouds cool the Earth’s surface by shading about sixty percent of the planet at any one time…

Two students present at Science on Tap

Searching Star Beams to Tell an Ancient Story

Undergrads Present at Science on Tap

…said Prince. “But Science on Tap was a blast, and much more relaxed; the pressure isn’t as high when the audience isn’t full of paleoclimatologists.” Update (April 2019): Shortly after Science on Tap, Prince accepted an internship through the USGS and National Association of Geoscience Teachers. She’ll be working in…

Peter Annin at beach

Peter Annin Recognized for Excellence

Great Lakes Protection Fund Awards Journalists and Media Outlets

…experience the world’s largest supply of surface freshwater. • Institute for Nonprofit News, which, with its partners, produced Rust to Resilience, a reporting series about the impact of climate change on the Great Lakes and surrounding cities. • US Water Alliance, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for racial justice,…

Mountain biking on the trails

Northland Ranks High for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Great Values Colleges Names Northland as Affordable Option

…never have to fight the crowds,” said Elizabeth Andre, associate professor of nature and culture. “It’s like your own private heaven.” The College’s location on the shores of Lake Superior and surrounded by national forest provides access to a vast wilderness for outdoor recreation, outdoor career development, and academic research….

Several issues of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute’s Horizons newsletter

From the Archives: Exploring the Horizons

Sharing the Work of the Institute

…April 1979, and publication of the newsletter continued uninterrupted until 2002, making it the Institute’s longest running publication to date. Articles in the first issue of Horizons introduce readers to the Institute’s new program LoonWatch, report on testimonies from Institute staff at a hearing of the International Joint Commission focused…