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Aerial photo of North Fish Creek in northern Wisconsin.

Burke Center Slows the Flow of Runoff

Fish Creek Project Aims To Keep Thousands Of Tons Of Sediment From Entering Chequamegon Bay

…that flows each year into one Lake Superior bay. Now, a project aims to slow the flow of runoff as the region faces more frequent, intense storms due to climate change. Around 45,000 tons of sediment surged downstream into the Chequamegon Bay during the once-in-a-lifetime storm that marked the region’s…

Tara Padovan

Tara Devotes Semester to Helping Refugees

National Geographic posted a photo in June of a seven-year-old Syrian refugee named Rama, who lives with her family in a camp in Athens. The photo was posted as part of series for World Refugee Day as a way to raise awareness about the plight of refugees around the world….

Wolf Awareness Week 2020 Winning Poster Art by Deborah LaFogg Docherty

Wolves and Water

2020 Wolf Awareness Week Posters Available

2020 Wolf Awareness Week Posters Available Deborah LaFogg Dochtery, whose paintings have won national and international awards and been displayed in art museums around the country and abroad, portrays animals caught in the moment of being themselves. A task she believes is particularly significant in regards to wolves, considering the

Jaguar Macho Uno

Macho Uno

Tracking One of the Oldest Wild Jaguars

…a camera trap monitoring project in Corcovado National Park, located on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica. As part of the project, Matzinger walked more than two hundred miles through the jungle. He mostly assessed the best and most efficient ways to monitor wildlife, a study he and Olson…

Jen Franke in a Costa Rican national park.

Tracking Peccaries, Primates

Northland College-Costa Rican Wildlife Project

…project and to do her own research on primates. Franke is a biology major and the third student to participate in a five-year project between Professor Erik Olson’s Wildlife Research Laboratory and the Costa Rican National Parks Service to collect data on animals including two species of peccaries, a pig-like…


Slow Down, Do Less

Teaching Through COVID-19

…route from Voyageurs National Park all the way to Lake Superior, over the Grand Portage, and then to backpack and climb in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—places they figure we can avoid contact with anyone outside of our group. We’re now nearing the end of our fourteen-day…

From the Archives: The Sigurd Olson Legacy Project

…below rapids in the Boundary Waters. For the most part, the shack and the items it contained were left undisturbed and undocumented for more than a decade after Olson’s death on January 13, 1982. Then, in January of 1995, the National Park Service donated the services of its regional curator…


Creating a Special Musical Instrument in Madison

Jenny Robinson '07 owns Isthmus Instruments

Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal Jenny Robinson ’07 owns Isthmus Instruments Though Jenny Robinson is only 31, her resume has a long list of former jobs: invasive species control with the National Park Service, package handler at UPS, engraver at a sign shop, a stint as a machinist and work…

Northland College student Mya Simon

Stolen Sisters on Lake Superior

10,000 Native American Women Reported Missing

their home like the Anishinaabeg (Ojibwe) nations. Last winter I came across a 2011 academic publication, “Garden of Truth: The Prostitution and Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota,” written by Christine Stark, an Anishinaabeg and Cherokee scholar and others, on Native women being sold into the sex industry on ships…

Northland College Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion David Saetre

A Spirit of Imagination

How Northland Faced the 1918 Pandemic

the spring of the year followed by a second wave in the fall that swept across the entire nation including northern Wisconsin. The Chequamegon Bay area reported the first cases of this deadly flu in October and the disease quickly afflicted all the surrounding communities. The College responded with a…