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Ethiopian girl stretches before running (Girls Gotta Run Foundation)

If You Give a Girl a Pair of Sneakers . . . .

Dr. Patricia E. Ortman '71 Creates Girls Gotta Run Foundation

and worldwide efforts to educate and empower girls and women, like the Girls Gotta Run program for girls in Ethiopia that I and my husband co-founded are more important than ever. And the backlash to the backlash, as evidenced by the national and international women’s marches that took place the…

SOEI Youth Programs

Girls Empowered Trails: Mt. Ashwabay

August 12August 15

We are still accepting registrations for youth programs! All registrations will be 100 percent refunded if a trip gets canceled. Girls Empowered Trails is for girls 10–13 years old interested in getting outside, working hard, playing hard, and learning what it means to be a confident steward of this Earth….

Aerial shot of Ashland and Chequamegon Bay

Rural America: A Living Laboratory

Center for Rural Communities Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide

…“I’m excited to be part of something where we have the chance to collaborate to improve the quality of life here for residents and to attract newcomers to the area.” Based on a project called, Social Capital in the Chequamegon Bay, funded by the Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation, CRC also…

Fish Creek flowing into Chequamegon Bay

Researchers Prep region for Climate Change

…College, is basically downscaling ocean models for Lake Superior,” Lehr said. “We just don’t know that much about nearshore areas. The more we study them, the more important and interesting we find them. Nearshore areas are vital for productivity, so we need to know how future conditions might impact them.”…

Peter Annin at beach

Q & A with "Great Lakes Water Wars" Author Peter Annin

…a crucial role in defining the environment, cultures, industries, and societies that continue to grow and thrive in the region. It is important that citizens of the Great Lakes watershed appreciate the global significance of the waters of our region, that they remain up to date on the issues affecting…

SONWA Winners 2017

Honeybees and a trailblazing scientist top the 2017 SONWA book awards

…yearlong daily dips in the waters near Berlin, Germany serves as a journal of the style of Aldo Leopold but steps into a more recently articulated dimension. The people of America experience more depression and anxiety than the citizens of any other developed country. Human disconnection is a major factor….

Annin Judges Our Waters, Our Future Writing Contest

MADISON — Two of Wisconsin’s literary leaders will help decide the winner of the Our Waters, Our Future writing contest. Peter Annin, journalist and author of Great Lakes Water Wars, and Fabu, as Madison’s third poet laureate is professionally known, have agreed to help select the top stories that imagine…

Professor Travis Proctor Religion

Religious Studies

…best and the brightest, the movers and the shakers who step into leadership roles on campus and beyond. We emphasize global faith perspectives and seek to foster critical thinking, engage a broad spectrum of ideas, and develop strong written and oral expression. You will engage in a free exchange of…