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Slow Down, Do Less

Teaching Through COVID-19

…we could transport people in vans at half-capacity, and that everyone could cook individually and sleep in their own bivy sack. But then we’d wonder how masks and physical distance would work for things like whitewater canoeing, swift-water rescue, and sailing. How do you stay six-feet apart from each other…

Carolyn Sneed standing on a bridge

Home Is Where a College Is

How Carolyn Sneed Chose the Chequamegon Bay

…a big body of clean water, preferably a town with a liberal arts college,” she said. “We found all that in the Chequamegon Bay area.” Northland College and Lake Superior combined made an attractive package and the region is all the better for it. In 1980, Carolyn became the first…

Two students present at Science on Tap

Searching Star Beams to Tell an Ancient Story

Undergrads Present at Science on Tap

…surrounding area, talking about when modern-day Ashland was covered by a glacier and the nearby Brule River actually flowed the opposite direction, towards the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. When this glacier retreated, the Brule flowed back towards what is now Lake Superior. This switching of watershed directions caused…

Growing Connections

The Radical Act of Cooking Real Food

From Farm to Table and Beyond

…We made homemade soups and marveled at how easy and inexpensive it was to make a satisfying meal for a crowd. This past week we baked bread and made our own butter—it took less than ninety minutes to go from flour, yeast, water, and cream on the counter to warm…

Sigurd Olson Scholars

Northland Awards Four Sigurd Olson Scholarships

…South Milwaukee High School South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Interested in studying natural resources, water science, and engineering. High school highlights: ✔️ Recipient of the Calmer L. Johnson/John W. Leslie ITW Scholarship, affiliated with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. ✔️ Team captain for the “Cudahy Packer Trap Team” for two years, and…

The Bad River makes one last turn through the Kakagon-Bad River Sloughs on its way to Lake Superior

From the Archives: The Chequamegon Bay Area Partnership

…the Lake Superior Basin. The Bay and its surrounding watersheds contain approximately one quarter of the coastal wetlands and one fifth of the nearshore waters associated with the United States’ Lake Superior coast, and many of the tributaries have been identified as Outstanding or Exceptional Resource Waters by the Wisconsin…

Northland College senior Katie Tapper sits at a table.

What Do Fish Eat?

Katie Tapper ’21 catalogs the culinary quirks of Lake Superior fish.

…offshore surveys on fish, zooplankton, and water temperatures and research projects like evaluating the biology, population, community dynamics, and yield predictions of Lake Superior fish. In partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Tapper has been tasked with inventorying Lake Superior fish to get an assessment of their diets….

A shelf of Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award winners

From the Archives: An Award for Nature Writers

…to wild beauty, and to open those hearts which, for too many years, have been closed.” In 1994, the reading committee also cited three books for “excellence in achievement” including A Place on the Water by Jerry Dennis, who would later win the 2004 award for his book The Living…

Two paddle boarders on Lake Superior

International Joint Commission Coming to Northland

…two countries’ boundary waters. The six new IJC commissioners are currently traveling around the Great Lakes seeking input on water quality concerns. For Lake Superior, they are stopping in Thunder Bay, Duluth, and their last and final session will be in Ashland. The IJC seeks participants’ views on the progress…

Student and professor in wetland

Chasing Dragonflies for Science

…the National Park Service Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network, NPS Air Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, and the University of Maine. The U.S. National Park Service recently signed a five-year cooperative agreement with the College to hire students to assist in monitoring mercury trends in larval dragonfly in the…