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Northland College Frank Wroblewski presenting to the Venus Exploration Analysis Group, a NASA-sponsored working group

Geology Student Presents Planetary Research to NASA Working Group

Parsonage Fund Provides Backing for Conference

Parsonage Fund Provides Backing for Conference Senior Frank Wroblewski is a geology senior interested in planetary science, with specific interests in surface processes. He was the first Northland College student selected last summer for an international NASA Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Internship at the Lunar Planetary Institute where he…

Northland College student Frank Wroblewski

Mapping the Mountains of Venus

Frank Wroblewski '19

…Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Internship at the Lunar Planetary Institute. Hundreds of students from around the world apply and only ten-to-twelve get accepted. Wroblewski was one of them, becoming the first Northland student ever to serve in this role. Wroblewski was assigned the task of looking at the radar…


Shining a Light on Curiosity

…scientists really didn’t expect every species to fluoresce, acknowledged natural resources professor Erik Olson, as he recapped the story for me recently. But as the next drawer in the cabinet slid open, flaming orange fluorescence flickered under the flashlight’s beam. “We’ve got one!” someone exclaimed, without even knowing exactly what…


Meet the Newest Member of the Fluorescent Mammal Club

…Field Museum in Chicago, armed with curiosity and blacklights. When the team tried a drawer that housed preserved springhares, they beamed back. “We were equal parts shocked and excited,” said Erik Olson, an associate professor of natural resources at the college and an author of the new paper, published Thursday…

Mountain biking on the trails

Northland Ranks High for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Great Values Colleges Names Northland as Affordable Option

…squirrels that fluoresce pink with three faculty members at Northland College. “These kind of discoveries are possible in our backyard,” said Erik Olson, assistant professor of natural resources. “That is one of the beautiful things about our location; we have a built in laboratory—all you need is a sense of…

Wheeler Hall building on campus

Northland Graduates Class of 2020, Prepares for Future

…financial and facilities infrastructures; reaffirming our vibrant mission around environmental responsibility and community sustainability; and strengthening the enrollment in our academically rigorous degree programs. The first six months of my presidency saw the world transformed by COVID-19 and the College community adapted quickly. I have partnered with our deeply committed…

Northland College Professor Emeritus Bruce and Ruth Goetz

Giving Beyond the Classroom

Bruce and Ruth Goetz

…because he believed in the Northland mission—that students come first. “Fifty-two years later, I firmly believe that has not changed,” he said, sitting on his deck, a view to Garden Lake. Bruce’s legacy is lasting. He was integral to the creation of several programs: environmental studies, Geographic Information Systems (GIS),…

Northland College student Abby Keller and National Park Service mentor Caroline Twombly stand outside the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Fund the Change You Want to See

Nancy Franz '81 Created the Women in Leadership Internship

…world.” Franz graduated from Northland with a degree in outdoor education and environmental studies; earned a masters of education and professional development from UW-Superior; and a PhD in agriculture, extension, and adult education from Cornell University. She now serves as professor emeritus in the School of Education at Iowa State…

Northland College biology faculty Andy

Second Goyke Joins Biology Team

…the University of Georgia, three years in Paraguay with the Peace Corps, and his all-around love of learning, Noah fits in well. “I have always had a passion for liberal arts education, maybe even more than for natural resources,” he said. “For me, to be at Northland—the environmental liberal arts…

Dragonflies: Canaries in the Coal Mine

Dragonflies Help Researchers Determine Mercury

…major nationwide federal research effort, the National Park Service is working with partners to collect dragonfly larvae and monitor their mercury content from more than 107 national parks across the continental United States. The National Park Services’ first report on the Dragonfly Mercury Project was published this week in Environmental