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Apostle Islands

A Dream Career That Started Here

How Northland Launched a Decades-long Environmental Journalism Career

Rocky Barker ’75 How Northland Launched a Decades-long Environmental Journalism Career Tim Carpenter ’74 led the way up the steep portage carrying a canoe on his shoulders. We were on a trip in 1972 through the Boundary Waters with Geology Professor Bruce Goetz for his five-week class Geology of Lake…

Northland College student Shyanne Eustace

Giving Back to Her Tribal Community

Shyanne Eustace Receives Udall Foundation Scholarship

…this year’s group of fifty-five Udall Scholars from among 429 candidates at 199 colleges and universities. They based their decision on the level of commitment to careers in the environment, tribal public policy, or Native health care; leadership potential; a record of public service; and academic achievement. “This was one…

Student and professor in wetland

Chasing Dragonflies for Science

…the National Park Service Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network, NPS Air Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, and the University of Maine. The U.S. National Park Service recently signed a five-year cooperative agreement with the College to hire students to assist in monitoring mercury trends in larval dragonfly in the…

A shelf of Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award winners

From the Archives: An Award for Nature Writers

…to wild beauty, and to open those hearts which, for too many years, have been closed.” In 1994, the reading committee also cited three books for “excellence in achievement” including A Place on the Water by Jerry Dennis, who would later win the 2004 award for his book The Living…

aerial view of campus

$3.9M Awarded to Fund Great Lakes Research

By Raeanna Marnati, Fox 21 News The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute announced a $3.9 million grant that will fund 19 Great Lakes research, education and outreach projects, including two projects at Northland College in Ashland. The first Northland College project will be lead by Professor Randy Lehr. The…

Northland College students search for orchids as part of research project.

The Orchid Hunters

…publishing a paper with this data. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Jena “Shoe” Miles ’18 has worked at the Apostle Islands National Park Service, on a farm in Hawaii, and at Blacktail Mountain Ski Area in Montana’s Flathead Valley. She’ll be back with the Apostle Islands National Park Service this…


2020 SONWAs Announced

Top prizes awarded to Miracle Country and Butterflies Belong Here.

…of a Family and a Landscape (Algonquin Books), an extraordinary account of a young woman’s personal story growing up on the eastern flank of the Sierra Nevada—and the reasons she returned to live there. “Atleework creates vivid pictures of her personal experiences and the historical misappropriation of land, water, and…

Portrait of Roger Dreher with canoe paddle.

When Missions Align

Roger Dreher contributes annually to a scholarship to assist students.

…second attempt in late May, and made one last unsuccessful try with two eggs on a floating bog. A light breeze and sunshine trickle through birch leaves, hummingbirds dive and hum, feeding on sugar-spiked water, an eagle flies overhead, and the call of a loon can be heard in the…

photo of Newton Bobb's plant specimens

Digitizing the Past for the Future

Hours in the Herbarium

…leaf that allow for the exchange of gas. The decrease in stomatal density is likely due to a warmer climate, in which losing any water through this exchange is more costly for the plant. Pressed plant samples are also useful for identifying species and memorizing their scientific names, which are…


Slow Down, Do Less

Teaching Through COVID-19

…we could transport people in vans at half-capacity, and that everyone could cook individually and sleep in their own bivy sack. But then we’d wonder how masks and physical distance would work for things like whitewater canoeing, swift-water rescue, and sailing. How do you stay six-feet apart from each other…