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Northland College student Liandra Skenandore portrait

Why Indigenous Literatures Matter

How Liandra Skenandore Incorporates Academics into Her Personal Life

…Skenandore investigates literary depictions of healing, caring, and community then incorporates these academic interests into her life. “From early on, I was struck by Liandra’s perceptive readings, her skill with scholarly writing, and her holistic approach, one that continually looks for literature’s significance in communities and in the wider world,”…

Red canoe on a lake

Discovering the Northland Spirit

Sense of Connection, Self, Community

…come find themselves in this particular place, a struggle that creates a deep caring for who we are and where we are.” And, Moore notes, “you can take that wherever you go.” There is one thing more—friendship. Friendship with the those who share the journey, friendship with knowledge and wisdom,…

Northland College student Adrian Bethel

A Winning Combination

Forestry and Baseball

…see new areas, and see them with the guys I already spend every day with, has been very fun. Describe the campus. Tightly-knit and caring. If you were to give the insider tour of Northland, where would you go? The greenhouse. That’s a green space that not many people visit….


…“Channel Access Code” (or QAM code) in order to do a channel search. Refer to your manufacturers support page to obtain the code. Submit a help desk ticket. Learn more about the personal wireless router policy. The Northland College Information Technology Department does not troubleshoot or fix students’ personal computers…

FERPA Rights & Protection

…have written permission from the student in order to release any information from a student’s education record. Forms permitting the release of information to specific individuals are available through the Registrar’s Office. However, FERPA does allow schools to disclose certain records without consent under certain conditions. For more information regarding…

Schedule & Changes

…period by completing the form below. If you are currently at full-time status, 12 or more credits, withdrawing from a course does not affect your financial aid, housing, or full-time status. You simply receive a grade of “W” for the course and do not earn the credits for the course….

Northland student research

Research Showcase

…research is not completed, this section should list the expected results or outcomes. Conclusions/implications What are the implications of your findings? How does your work contribute to your field of study? Are there implications for future work in this area? Review your work: Is it complete—covering all the major parts…

Move in day at Northland College

What to Pack

…Campus living does not need to be expensive or wasteful. Pack lightly and consider buying used. We have a secondhand store on campus where everything is FREE. Things we recommend: • Clothespins (we supply the clothesline) • Sweater (for wearing indoors instead of turning up the heat) • Favorite travel…

Northland College Nordic Skiing

Essential Eligibility Criteria

…Essential Eligibility Criteria Know your skills as a participant. Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute outings and trips are open to all Northland College students, staff, and faculty who are able to meet the essential eligibility requirements listed below. Accommodations may be made as long as it does not compromise the health…

Outdoor Orientation

…vary depending on trip location, anywhere from cold (below minus 20º F) to hot (above 90º F) and may include inclement weather. Accommodations will be made as long as it does not compromise the health or safety of staff members or other participants or significantly alter the fundamental learning outcomes…