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Sarah Johnson faculty Stockton

Sarah Johnson Pursues Plants on the Edge and Beyond

Burke Center Recognizes Key Collaborations

…hungered for a more in-depth environmental study. That hunger is what first brought her to Northland. It was the time of year when colleges send recruitment mail when Johnson saw a postcard from Northland with a red canoe by Lake Superior. “It was that postcard that really first captured my…

Pages 1 and 2 of “Sigurd Olson Writes About Northland College”

From the Archives: The Environmental Liberal Arts

Alan Brew, Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Executive Director In 1975, a small, eight-page pamphlet was produced that is described on its cover as “a publication of Northland: A Liberal Arts – Environmental College.” Titled Sigurd Olson Writes about Northland College, the origin of this pamphlet can be traced back to…

Northland College Trustee Mary H. Rice on her porch in Bayfield.

Wisdom, Work, Wallop, and Wealth

Mary Rice’s Enduring Legacy

Mary Rice’s Enduring Legacy “Your generosity and commitment to Northland College continues to take my breath away. You have always made a full commitment to all of the four W’s: wisdom, work, wallop, and wealth.” —In a letter from Don Chase to Mary Rice in 2002. Northland President Karl I….

Donna and George Arbaugh

Walking in Sigurd Olson’s Footsteps

Supporting Stewardship Through Scholarships

…impressed by the students of Northland College and the College itself. She loves Northland’s emphasis on environmental studies and appreciates its Native American studies program. So much so that she has included Northland College and the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute in her estate planning. For example, she intends to establish…

Pride Flag in the Ponzio Campus Center

The Story Behind the Pride Flag on Campus

…ever-expanding community under its rainbow of humanity, just as Northland’s own campus pride flag is a symbol of inclusivity and the resilience of the LGBT2QAI+ community on campus today. Do you have interest in becoming more active in the Northland LGBTQ2AIP+ community? Check out the Northland College Alliance Facebook Page….

Northland College Campus

Finding True North

…dreaming Northland into being. What I’ve come to understand in my first months on the job is just how many layers of meaning form Northland’s bedrock. As major gift officer, I am a point of contact for our donors, working to maintain the relationships established by my predecessors in advancement…

Welcoming Students Back

Testing and safety measures are firmly in place.

…tandem with my leadership team, I will do what is necessary to provide for a COVID-safe living and learning environment in the months to come. Karl Ivan Solibakke is the president of Northland College. For questions, email Additional campus communications and our reopening plan can be found at…

Portrait of Roger Dreher with canoe paddle.

When Missions Align

Roger Dreher contributes annually to a scholarship to assist students.

…the cabin. Roger served on the board of the Wisconsin Association of Lakes, and it was through this organization that Roger started to learn more about Northland College’s environmental mission. “In Northland, I had found an institution that was closely aligned with my own values,” he said. “Northland is key…

Mary Van Evera Visual Arts Center

In Gratitude and Recognition

Honoring the Van Evera Foundation’s partnership with Northland College and the woman who made it happen.

Honoring the Van Evera Foundation’s partnership with Northland College and the woman who made it happen. After decades of generous support, The DeWitt and Caroline Van Evera Foundation will sunset their operations this year and make a final gift to Northland College, providing scholarship awards to five Northland students. Board…

Northland College faculty Jesse M. Caskey and Franklin C. Lane

Before the Beginning

Fifteen years before the Apostle Islands became a park, faculty and students established a field laboratory on Rocky.

…early 1900s but nothing comprehensive. Two Northland biology professors set out to change that. With retired Professor Bob Newton as their advisor, Jesse M. Caskey and Franklin C. Lane applied for and received an $8,500 grant from the Louis W. and Maud Hill Family Foundation (now called the Northwest Area…