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Stockton Island

Will Waukesha Get a Rewrite?

…spent years fighting to keep Great Lakes water inside the Great Lakes Basin — Nova’s plan was a nightmarish legal precedent. If people were permitted to tanker water to Asia, how could officials prevent Great Lakes water from being piped to Dallas, Phoenix or L.A.? Politicians, journalists and the general…

Northland College student Kim Oldenborg measures water on a stream.

Oldenborg headed for future in water

For senior Kim Oldenborg, water is more than a life-sustaining resource. Water is her inspiration—academically, personally, and professionally. Initially attracted to Northland College for its proximity to Lake Superior, Oldenborg was excited to begin working as a research technician for the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation in 2013….

Northland College staff working in stream

Researchers Create Model for the Great Lakes

…point in their life cycle, Cooper said, “If you consider other benefits such as improving water quality and providing flood protection the value of coastal wetlands adds up very quickly.” The White House Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative highlights southern Lake Huron and western Lake Erie as a region facing…

Immerse Yourselves

…you have fully immersed yourself. Then, as the cold, clean water of the Lake washes over your skin, and as you remember in awe that the same, cold water courses through your veins, sustaining you, sustaining all of us, I’d like you to commit to a year of total immersion—to…

Great Lakes

Foxconn: A New Chapter in the Great Lakes Water Wars


…million gallons of Lake Superior water to Asia every year. That article sparked an international uproar. Stories throughout the U.S. and Canada spoke of ocean-going tankers hauling pristine Lake Superior water across the Pacific. “This is Pandora’s box,” warned Michigan Congressman Bart Stupak. “We’ve always worried that somebody will try…

Joe Fitzgerald and Randy Lehr drive boat to islands

Fitzgerald: From Plankton Guy to Water Resources Policy Economist

…bay to determine the impact upwelling currents have on the food web. During the symposium, Fitzgerald explained that upwelling occurs when water from the bottom of the bay is brought to the top, usually by sustained winds for four to seven days. This can change water chemistry, and carries nutrients…

Sigurd Olson Articles

Some of these articles were published in 1951 in North Country Magazine. Sigurd also wrote a couple of hundred short sketches for newspapers; he wrote a few between 1937 and 1939, but most were from 1940 to 1943, and were syndicated to a number of newspapers, mostly in the Midwest….

Northland student in the lab

Research Experience Lands Weir His Dream Job

…range of different scientific disciplines that are working on water,” Lehr explained. Weir’s experiences paid off, landing his dream job as an environmental scientist with RMB Environmental Laboratories in Minnesota immediately after graduation in 2014. “My responsibilities now include performing and overseeing the analysis of a handful of water quality…

World Water Day

Dive In: Freshwater Research Opportunities

…‘”nature for water”—exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century. Northland College, located near the shore of Lake Superior, works on freshwater research, policy, and communication year round. We’ve created a unique student research track to send students out into the world better prepared to…