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Wolf hunting, captured on trail camera, Maxwell Property

A History with Wolves

Wolf Awareness Week

…lower 48 were found in northeastern Minnesota. Today, there is a stable population distributed throughout northern and central Wisconsin. This week is Wolf Awareness Week, seven days focused on raising awareness about wolves through education. The Timber Wolf Alliance of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute of Northland College is hosting…

Deer exclosure-Bayfield County

Wisconsin’s Disappearing Forest

Prof Sarah Johnson researches the botanical realities of deer browse

…She also shows me the damage from flooding last year. I tell her about how I learned that the timber industry is starting to adapt by erecting large-scale exclosures to grow high-end timber. Elias explains that birds are also big losers in this story. Without the forest structure—the ground flora…

Sigurd Olson Speeches

…series on pollution in Sports Afield by Bill Wolff, the old game warden stories by Harold Titus in Field and Stream, Harold Martin in the Saturday Evening Post, Arthur Carhart in the Atlantic Monthly, Secretary of the Interior Oscar Chapman in the last American, the editorials in Collier’s and you…

wolf laying down

TWA Responds to 2021 Wolf Harvest

Timber Wolf Alliance Statement

…of public interests, and implement measures to ensure effective harvest control. The Timber Wolf Alliance is committed to using science-based information to promote an ecologically-functional wolf population in areas of suitable habitat and to promoting human coexistence with wolves. The Timber Wolf Alliance is not opposed to regulated wolf hunting…

Sigurd Olson Letters

…guided through that region I saw what was happening. Never will I forget the day now three years ago when I worked up the Quetico River against a million feet of logs coming down from Beaverhouse, Quetico, Batchewaung and Pickerel, logs that I had seen as trees and growing timber

Wolf Awareness Week 2020 Winning Poster Art by Deborah LaFogg Docherty

Wolves and Water

2020 Wolf Awareness Week Posters Available

…is always best. The tranquil photo of the wolf would then be used as inspiration for her artwork, where she would be able to add the color and feel that the photograph was unable to capture. According to Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator Jordyn O’Gara, LaFogg Dochtery’s wolf in the water…

In Wildness and Wonder

…on ensuring that they are available to youth, college students, and our north woods communities. As part of this focus, we will continue and further develop well-established programs at the Institute that already affirm the value of wild nature, such as LoonWatch, the Timber Wolf Alliance, Apostle Islands School, and…

Timber Wolf Alliance wolf

Regional Teachers Talk About Wolves with Students

Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator Presents

…whether there should be a state wolf hunt. Finally, students will craft a persuasive letter stating their opinion based on the facts they have learned and send it to their state legislators. The teachers have invited the Timber Wolf Alliance, the International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota, Andy Edwards, Wildlife…

Sigurd F. Olson Journal Entries

…the first scientific study of the timber wolf. And, as this entry suggests, he would hate almost every minute of it. A beautiful morning after a fresh snowfall. Made it out here in less than an hour and good going. Coming out I realized as I have many times that…