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The Minar family

Three Generations of Northland Connections

The Legacy of the Minar Family

The Legacy of the Minar Family Left to right, Ashley Hilderbrand ’13, Arthur Minar ’13, Janet Minar, Dick, Minar, and Barbara Minar. Like many high school seniors, Arthur Scott Minar ’13 procrastinated making a plan for attending college. And time was ticking. “I couldn’t decide, and I was being lazy,”…

Northland College Dexter Library


…and gun violence in Wisconsin. Work on a future book-length project: a qualitative study of disaster preparedness. 2019-2020 Scott Grinnell, Professor of Physics Full academic year 2019-20; to serve as the director of sustainability Tim Doyle, Associate Professor of Philosophy Fall term 2019; to finish the manuscript for his book…

Northland Students in discussion.


A minor in philosophy develops critical thinking skills in the evolving Western tradition and can be combined with any major. A philosophy minor provides excellent preparation for graduate studies, law school, or business, community development, or simply for leading a better life. Related A minor in philosophy develops critical thinking…

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Curious about what it means to be human? Then this one might be for you. You will focus on exploring the human condition through the ideas, artistic movements, religions, ideologies, and intellectual structures that humans use, and have used, to understand and give meaning to their world. At the heart…

This is how we do natural resources. Woman with fish.

Natural Resources

… Natural Resources Preserving our future. Natural Resources Major (BS) requirements Ecological Restoration Emphasis requirements Fisheries & Wildlife Ecology Emphasis requirements Forestry Emphasis requirements Andrew Goyke Professor of Biology Natural Resources Department Chair Andrew Goyke Sarah Johnson Associate Professor of Natural Resources Affiliated Faculty, Burke Center Sarah Johnson Peter Levi…



Think differently. Live differently. Northland College is a private, liberal arts college with a progressive focus on the environment and sustainability. We prepare 600 students from across the United States and around the world for meaningful lives and successful careers. Founded in 1892, Northland College is located at the tip…

Northland College student Isa Meyer works with a display in the Native American Museum

Native American Studies

The Native American studies major focuses on indigenous culture and traditional teachings at the core of the program, with particular attention given to Lake Superior regional native history. The program includes first-hand contact with local tribes and native Ojibwe communities alongside a rigorous academic curriculum. The curriculum includes native worldviews…

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We believe that life outside of the classroom is just as important as in. Which is why we strive to provide a healthy living environment where you can expand and grow as an individual. Living on campus lets you connect in a deeper way with the Northland community and imparts…

President Miller helping at STAR camp

Community Outreach

From on-campus youth classes to cultural workshops to tribal educational fairs, the ICC staff provide community outreach throughout the region. We serve as a resource to students and indigenous groups. If you are interested in these or other outreach activities, click on contact us below. tabling at tribal educational fairs…