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Northland Students Complete WWF Leadership Program

Northland College students Logan Lowery and Katie Nolan completed a four-part program with the Wisconsin Conservation Leadership Corp a program developed by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation to develop future leaders in conservation. The program culminated with them proposing their resolution to support pollinator-friendly solar electricity awareness and production at the…

Northland College teaching students talk with Washburn fifth graders

For Lucas, Elementary Ed Provides Pathway to Greater Good

Harrison Lucas '17

…that was kind of the stepping stone for me being able to get comfortable at Northland college. Q. How about getting comfortable with rural life? A. It’s been a 360-degree turn, definitely. Coming from the Twin Cities area, I’ve been a city kid all my life and I’ve never been…

Northland College student in class

Humanity and Nature Studies

…environmentally focused careers in business, education (“green teaching” before and afterschool programs), government, industry, advertising, public policy, community planning, nature therapy, or the non-profit sector. Students majoring in humanity and nature studies can choose from three emphases: global cultural perspectives, leadership and a new future, or reviving a natural history….

Jaguar in the wild - JaguarOsa


The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute seeks to empower citizens with objective information about the environmental issues of the north woods, advance understanding of northern species through citizen science, and educate the next generation of environmental leaders. Please fill out the gift form below and select where you would like to…

Northland College teaching student in classroom

Greening the Face of Public Education

…a canoe guide taught her strength and provided her with the courage to follow through with teaching. She attributes much of her success at Northland College to her experience in Superior Connections, a thematic, year-long academic program focused on the Lake Superior watershed. “I feel like the rest of my…

Northland College student with journal

296 miles on the Superior Hiking Trail

Jane Dahlgren Hikes Solo for May Term

Jane Dahlgren had never camped alone when she decided to hike solo for 296 miles. For college credits. While the extroverted sophomore was not familiar with solo tripping, she was no novice to adventure. A Seattle native, Dahlgren had hiked with her dad and brother on the Wonderland Trail, a…

President Miller meeting with students

Op-Ed: Reinventing the Liberal Arts Model

…in arts, music, adventure, festivals, organic farms, and entrepreneurs. Our students don’t look to city lights and nightclubs for stimulation. They find vibrancy in nature, adventure, community participation and deeper relationships with other students, faculty, staff and partners. Northland College has not given up on the next generation. We know…

Study Abroad

Off-campus Study

Whatever your interest, you can deepen and expand your education by studying off campus. This includes intensive, in-depth courses during May term, a semester at an EcoLeague school, or special courses at a partner organization. There is something right for you. Travel grants and scholarships are available. Learn more. Pay…

Ethiopian girl stretches before running (Girls Gotta Run Foundation)

If You Give a Girl a Pair of Sneakers . . . .

Dr. Patricia E. Ortman '71 Creates Girls Gotta Run Foundation

and worldwide efforts to educate and empower girls and women, like the Girls Gotta Run program for girls in Ethiopia that I and my husband co-founded are more important than ever. And the backlash to the backlash, as evidenced by the national and international women’s marches that took place the…