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Northland College student installing hoop house

Sustainable Agriculture

Northland has made a huge—huge!—commitment to food sustainability by using the Real Food Standards with a goal spending twenty percent  of our dining food budget on local foods by 2020. We have a state-of-the-art food processing facility and thriving on-campus gardens. We compost campus wide and take in food waste, leaves, wood shavings, and other organic

northland college sustainable community development faculty and student

Sustainable Community Development

Whether you aspire to be an activist, planner, or advocate, the sustainable community development (SCD) program presents you with the toolbox to create effective community change. Our SCD major is one of the first of its kind in the nation. Through an interdisciplinary approach we examine the three pillars of sustainability—environmental, social, and economic—in a…  Read More

Student holding turtle


Small classroom sizes and hands-on experience are the hallmark of the biology major.

The Impossible Burger Won’t Save Us

The Impossible Burger, a non-animal burger gaining popularity, is being marketed as the solution to saving the planet. How? Persuade people to stop eating beef, double production annually, win over consumers with an ‘equivalent’ and cheaper product, and eliminate animal agriculture by 2035. Despite this lofty goal, Impossible is on track—Impossible Whoppers are available at

Northland College student taking a water sample.

[Canceled] Aquatic Ecology Field Academy

July 20July 24

Get experience in the critical skills of aquatic ecology using professional water testing equipment, conducting stream discharge measurements, and discussing ecological climate change adaptations and watershed restoration. You will wade inland waters to investigate lake ecology and identify macro invertebrates. And develop leadership and teamwork while learning boat safety skills and laboratory safety procedures. Get a…  Read More

IJC-Val Presentation

How’s the Weather? Well, it’s complicated.

Midwestern Past Time Takes a Serious Turn as Storms Increase

We love to talk about weather in the Midwest. At work or the grocery store, small talk almost always begins with, “How much snow did you get?” or “What did you think of the wind howling last night?” or, my favorite, “Cold enough for you?” This banter, however, has taken on a more serious tone

Instructor Kate Ullman teaches class.

Northland Named Number One in Sustainable Curriculum

One of the smallest and most remote colleges in Wisconsin has been named the top performer in sustainable curriculum. Northland College, located at the tip of the state near Lake Superior and with a student body of 600, was named first in sustainable curriculum by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

Two Northland College students walking downtown

The Art and Design of Walkable Cities

For my work at the Center for Rural Communities I have traveled all over the north woods. In between oversized plaster animals and a surprising number of bigfoot’s hometowns, CRC staff and I take the time to inventory the historic downtowns of rural communities across our region. We take note of the kinds of businesses,

Harvest Trail tickets

A Meal to Celebrate Seasonal Abundance

Harvest Trail Dinner Scheduled for Friday

A harvest trail meal is a celebration of seasonal abundance and a way to embrace sustainable, open, and vibrant food systems that improve the overall health of communities, according to Danny Simpson, assistant manager of the Hulings Rice Food Center. And it is in this spirit that Simpson and his colleagues will be whipping up

Everybody Party

Northland Welcomes the Class of 2023

Convocation and the Everybody Party

Northland College welcomed one of the largest classes of students in celebratory fashion. Under blue skies and sunshine, Drummer Stevie Matier led 215 or more new students across Fenenga Bridge to the campus mall. Students each carried a stone embossed with their name in their hand—many gathered during their Outdoor Orientation trips in previous weeks—to