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Global Discussion on Moral Courage in a Time of Planetary Change

…the pillage of the planet, a tide of commitment to justice and human rights, a swelling affirmation of moral responsibility to the future and to Earth’s fullness of life. Climate change may be an economic and technological problem, but she views it as a moral problem, and says it calls…

Education Major Danon Briggs


…they love it! We are the only college in the state to offer this much undergraduate time in the classroom—double what the state requires. You will complete this residency before you start student teaching. Student Teaching You will receive 12 credits for a student teaching semester that includes eighteen weeks…

This is how we do natural resources. Woman with fish.

Natural Resources

You like the outdoors, right? Then you’re going to love this place. Northland College has a location like nowhere else on Earth. We are surrounded by a million acres of forest and the largest freshwater lake in the world. These amazing natural resources are right outside our doors and serve…

Northland College Professor Tom Fitz holds up a slide containing asbestos.


…interacts with it. You’ll learn how fundamentally important our relationship with the Earth is and how geology influences all ecosystems. Delve into the remarkable history of the Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical, chemical, and biological changes that the Earth is continually undergoing. Northland’s geology…

Alec Drakenberg

Meet the Beast: Alec Z. Drachenberg

…with friends, and the cross country team occasionally addresses me as the “NC Beast.” At my first college cross country meet, multiple people actually yelled “GO BEAST!” I love my team. Q. I hear you’ve progressed to second runner in a few short months: Have you always been a runner?…

Fostering the Next Generation of Stewards

…Sigurd Olson, and others. Jacques Cousteau, taking Leopold’s lead, reminded us that we “protect what we love.” If a generation slowly pulls too far indoors, away from backyard forts, mud puddles, bike paths, lakes, and portages, how will they, too, fall in love with wild places? The Sigurd Olson Environmental…

Chaplain David Saetre at podium

“Nature Boy” Saetre Called Back for Encore

…last lecture of their undergraduate careers. This year they chose Saetre, naming his brilliant oratory skills. “Seeing as this is the first year in a while that David won’t be giving an address to the senior class, I (very selfishly) would love to hear whatever he wants to contribute in…

Northland College President Mike Miller and Professor Emeritus Bruce Goetz

Goetz awarded Professor Emeritus status

…to do when I graduated and I told them ‘I want to be a college professor’ and I got to do that,” he said. “I had an amazing career and I loved what I did.” While he may have retired from Northland College, Goetz is still able to share his…

Northland student playing lacrosse

Lacrosse 101

…seemed like every year they would get the best players and be the most exciting to watch. Not to mention all of the titles they seemed to win when I was heavily involved in lacrosse as a kid. Q. Do you plan to play for Northland? A. I would love

Northland student Trevor Bennin

Scientific Knowledge to Benefit Environment

Trevor Bennin

Graduated: 2015 Majors: mathematical sciences and chemistry Minors: physics and philosophy Hometown: Manitowoc, Wisconsin A dog drank from a pothole and got sick: Why? This question posed by Professor of Chemistry Rick Dowd started Trevor Bennin and fellow chemistry students on a scientific quest. “I love the idea of using…