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Outdoor Orientation Canoeing

Sylvania Wilderness Canoe Trip

August 21, 2022August 26, 2022

Part of Outdoor Orientation for incoming students only A uniquely Northland experience, Outdoor Orientation has been welcoming students to the north woods region since 1975. Trip Description: Join us for a fun-filled week of exploring Michigan’s Sylvania Wilderness by canoe—referred to by many as Michigan’s ‘miniature Boundary Waters Canoe Area’….

Foxconn logo

MichRadio: Foxconn wants to divert 5.8 million gallons of Lake Michigan water a day

Is that legal? Peter Annin Answers

…5.8 million gallons of water a day diverted from Lake Michigan for operations. Peter Annin is the co-director of the Northland College Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation in Wisconsin and author of “The Great Lake Water Wars.” He spoke with Stateside on the impacts this diversion will have…

Lake Superior Stockton Island

NPR's Marketplace: Protecting the Waters of Lake Michigan

BY SARAH GARDNER, Marketplace I grew up near Lake Michigan, one of the biggest lakes on the planet. My hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin, about 15 miles west of Milwaukee, is making a bid to tap the lake for its permanent drinking supply. Long story short: Over the decades, Waukesha and…

Adrian Wydeven

Wolf Biologist Adrian Wydeven to Head Timber Wolf Alliance

…College started the Timber Wolf Alliance in 1987 with the Wisconsin DNR and other organizations to promote wolf recovery and educate people about wolves in the state. In the early 1990s, TWA expanded to promote wolf recovery into Michigan as wolves began to recolonize that state. “Wolves are still controversial…


Great Lakes Officials Scale Back Waukesha Water Diversion Plan

REBECCA KRUTH, Michigan Radio Representatives from the Great Lakes and Canada met last week to consider a Wisconsin city’s request to pump water from Lake Michigan. The groundwater in Waukesha is contaminated with radium, so the city wants to draw about 10 million gallons of water from Lake Michigan daily….

Glacier National Park

Keynote Rolf Peterson: Wolves and America's National Parks

…and mainland Michigan. Wolf Awareness Week officially started in the state of Wisconsin in 1990, when less than two dozen wolves roamed the state and upper Michigan. Today, the observance is celebrated across the nation and in parts of Mexico and Canada. In addition to this presentation, TWA will host…

Northland College student collects data for bat research

Monitoring Bats by Sound

The Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network Employs Students for Bat Research

…Taylor Pichler was one of them. Focused on fisheries and wildlife ecology at Northland, he surveyed over twenty sites, located in corridors of bat travel like streams, creeks, trails and other clearings throughout the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. “I got to travel by boat, to go hike on an island,…

Kids at Stockton

From the Archives: School on an Island

Alan Brew, Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Executive Director Deeper Into the Archives 1989 Apostle Islands Outdoor Education School Annual Report Life of a Lighthouse Keeper Lesson Plan 1995 Newspaper article “Students head for the islands” “The Basswood Daily Press,” vol. 1, issue 2, 1999 Apostle Islands School Brochure for Teachers…

Water Summit

The Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation convened a Water Summit on Oct. 1, 2016 dedicated to “The Future of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.” Experts from New York to Minnesota gathered on Madeline Island in Lake Superior to examine past successes and challenges of GLRI, and to have…