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About Northland

…with integrity and courage to create a more sustainable and just future. Adopted by the Northland College Board of Trustees February 25, 2022. Northland College was founded in 1892 to help make a barren and prejudiced world a better place both physically and socially. Northland’s United Church of Christ founders…

Fall Festival Party Pack

Fall Festival Party Pack Fall Festival 2022 Schedule Registration Conference Presenters Party Packs Who’s Coming? Where to Stay Thank you for your interest in a Party Pack! Given the outstanding response we had to the gear created, online orders of Party Packs are on pause so we have stock to…

Two people talk to each other while wearing a KN-95 and surgical mask in front of Wheeler Hall.

COVID-19 Campus Plan

…and follow CDC guidelines and use good judgement. Employees are expected to continue to follow COVID-safe practices, respecting physical distancing, and practicing good hygiene. Travel is allowed at full capacity, and there are no additional requirements for face coverings beyond the College’s standard face covering policy. Updated March 25, 2022

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…Education Act of 9165, as amended, at any institution. PELL Grant The Pell Grant is for students from low and middle income families who show financial need as determined by the FAFSA. Amounts are determined by the U.S. Department of Education. 2022-23 Federal Pell Grants range from $692 to $6895….

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Venero, Sherri

Title IX Training Title IX & Sexual Harassment Response Spring 2022

Devil's Island Apostle Islands

IJC Releases Recommendations

Lake Superior Has Seen At Least 5 Blooms In The Last Decade

…Water Quality Agreement, which include making sure water is safe for drinking, swimming and fishing. Corwin also said the two governments should also measure the link between program activities and the status of Great Lakes ecosystems. The commission proposes that framework be put in place by June 2022. The report…

soei building campus

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Turns 50

Large Trees from Small Acorns Grow!

…grant to support a study related to the Apostle Islands. At $22,500, it was the largest government grant received by the College to date. As Bob Matteson observed, large trees from small acorns grow! On September 21 and 22, 2022, the Institute will once again host an environmental conference. We…

Forest Lodge Woods

Participate in the Wisconsin Conservation Congress Spring Hearing April 11–14 

Share Your Voice on Conservation Issues

Timber Wolf Alliance Share Your Voice on Conservation Issues The Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) will hold the WCC 2022 Spring Hearings virtually, allowing the public to submit comments via an online survey from April 11 at 7 p.m. until April 14 at…

Pride Flag in the Ponzio Campus Center

The Story Behind the Pride Flag on Campus

…triangle was added to the left of the progress pride flag thanks to Valentino Vecchietti. It represents those in the community who identify as intersex through a purple circle superimposed over a yellow triangle. As of this June 2022, the pride flag color meanings go as follows: Red = Life…

Two people hold a sign reading “Get Ready for Nonviolence” in winter

What I Learned in Jail

…a strawberry milkshake. Mary Smith ’94 calls Colorado’s Western Slope home. Her Northland experience helped her learn how to be a great neighbor, working to find common ground with all people no matter who they voted for. What I Learned in Jail By Mary (Ganchoff) Smith ’94 August 31, 2022