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Northland College professors and student working on trails.

Tyler Forks Community Forest

Northland Partners with Landmark Conservancy

…since 2016. So far, all their internships have been filled by Northland students and graduates. “I love that a student from Northland gets to have a leadership role in coordinating and organizing projects from Landmarks side,” Coulson said. “First-year students get to meet someone who is an upperclassman or recent…

Sarah Johnson faculty Stockton

Sarah Johnson Pursues Plants on the Edge and Beyond

Burke Center Recognizes Key Collaborations

…on the Edge.” Johnson often takes students out with her to the Apostles and Isle Royale to look for plant species more commonly found north of the Great Lakes in the Artic. This summer, Johnson took a Burke Center student and a UW-Madison graduate student on an eight-day rare plant…

Northland College student Michael Lant

All You Have to Do Is Ask

Senior Michael Lant and Fishing

…sports.” Lant was being heavily recruited at multiple schools with lacrosse programs, but with his coach’s words still in the back of his mind, he chose Northland. “It was a better fit,” he said. “Northland was really the only school I knew I wanted to be at even if I…

Northland College student Andy Kasun conducts water research.

Five Years at the Burke Center

Andy Kasun plays critical role in multiple research projects.

…a larger state database of lake management. Now, after five years of doing valuable research at the Burke Center, Kasun will be moving on to attend the University of Minnesota Duluth in the water resource science program this fall. “Because of the essentially graduate-level thought, responsibility, and networking, I was…

Northland College students search for orchids as part of research project.

The Orchid Hunters

Last summer, students Adrian Bethel and recent graduate Lauren Sloyer ’19 battled mobs of mosquitoes and black flies, scouring the Apostle Islands for a rare broad-leaved twayblade orchid named Neottia convallaroidies. The western orchid is listed as threatened in Wisconsin, the eastern edge of its range, and likely extinct in…

Northland College alumnus Joe Fitzgerald on stage.

The Place Where You Start

Burke alum keeps environmental justice at the core of his work.

Josey Schanen, Student Researcher Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation Burke alum keeps environmental justice at the core of his work. There are those who dream of a socially just world and there are those who dare to make that dream a reality. Joe Fitzgerald, a 2016 graduate, didn’t…

Yearbook photo of Don Chase

2019 Alumni Awards Announced

…the good fortune to attend Northland for their undergraduate degree. Starting in 2018, the board created honorary alumni status for those who live the College’s passion and deserve inclusion as Northland College alumni. The first two inductees were former President Mike Miller and his wife and partner Mary Trettin. Kristy…

Birch bark

Alum Sets Out to Solve Birch Bark Mystery

…an eye out for another piece of local history. Axel Peterman ’18 studied outdoor education at Northland College, and is now in the midst of his independent graduate studies. He is an avid writer and interpreter and can frequently be found wandering the bay area in pursuit of things fascinating….

Northland College women's hockey team

Women’s Hockey Rocks

First Class of Recruits to Graduate

Kelly Rider Ashland Daily Press First Class of Recruits to Graduate In July 2015, I was hired as the first ever women’s hockey coach at Northland College. I spent an entire calendar year recruiting 20 student athletes from all over North America to come to Ashland and be part of…