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Portrait of alumnus Jason Akl.

Looking Forward

Alum Jason Akl '99 navigates the pandemic.

…for Medical Lab Science and Immunology. City life had never appealed to him—and Miami was no different. So, he returned to Ashland after grad school ready to do whatever he needed to live here. As it turns out, he found a job in a lab at Main Street Clinic, working…


The Stories and Voices of This Region

WritersRead Celebrates Ten Years

…who sat directly below me around the kitchen table. As the nights wore on, the volume increased, laughter doubled, the stories grew rowdier — and the indents in my face from the grate deepened. I have lived in Lake Superior country for the past twenty-plus years and we have our…

Everybody Means Everybody

Come One, Come All

…town I’d ever lived (by far) and employed at the smallest college for which I’d ever worked (by farther). That transition was riddled with opportunities to learn and love the kind of customs that go with small-town living and working. One of my favorites: the Everybody Party. Every September, in…

Commencement 2021

Congratulations, Graduates 2021

Class of 2021

… The Last Lecture Friday, May 28 Professor of Biology Andy Goyke shares a live address titled “Walking a Mile in My Shoes”. Commencement Saturday, May 29 President Solibakke shares his congratulations to the Class of 2021 with Board Chair Chad Dayton, Dean of Academic Affairs Wendy Gorman, Lecturer…

Northland College Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion David Saetre

A Spirit of Imagination

How Northland Faced the 1918 Pandemic

…uncertainties amidst national turmoil. How, indeed, do we respond when overwhelmed by “too much reality?” One response is fear. But fear cuts us off from creative possibilities on the other side of struggle. So, let us include The Northland Spirit as an antidote to fear while we live through the…

Northland College Diversity Coordinator Ruth deJesus stands in new center.

Diversity Moves Into Much-Loved Space

…host groups in the space to converse, reminisce, and dream. “As a first-generation woman of color, who continues to live through the legacy of poverty and inner-city segregation, I welcome the opportunity to serve students more fully,” she said. “It is no small thing for someone like me to be…

Big Year for Outdoor Recreation

…count). Have a campfire only in a designated fire ring, collect only dead and down firewood, and completely drown the fire before leaving or going to sleep. Protect live trees and vegetation from damage, and respect the wildlife and other human visitors. Make sure you leave an area looking even…

soei building campus

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Turns 50

Large Trees from Small Acorns Grow!

…retirement from the State Department, the Mattesons were preparing to live year-round on Lake Namekagon, but also because both families were looking forward to hearing conference presentations by Gaylord Nelson and Sigurd Olson. The Great Hall at Griggs Burke’s Forest Lodge estate on Lake Namekagon, now an educational site operated…


Meet the Newest Member of the Fluorescent Mammal Club

…springhares—their Day-Glo is all natural Cool Green Science: When Mammals Glow in the Dark Nature: Images of the Month: Pink Hare Smithsonian: This Bouncing African Mammal Glows Under UV Light Massive Science: Meet the springhare: the first glow-in-the-dark African mammal known to science Live Science: Glowing Jumping Rodent Discovery…

Northland College Volleyball Coach Chelsea Meierotto

Empowering Women

Meet Chelsea Meierotto

…the best out of every opportunity, have respect for the game, and enjoy the process. Future plans? I try to live in the moment and not look too far ahead. But as far as future plans, I’d have to say my goals are to create a winning program, be competitive…