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graphic for pandemic issue of Northland College magazine

Northland College Spring 2021 Issue

…this past year, and always. We have built outdoor blackboards, implemented rigorous testing, and changed the way we do everything to keep campus going. For 129 years, alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends have banded together to find a way through all obstacles. We don’t stop. You don’t stop. Here…

Northland College student tries skijoring.

Reading, Writing, and Adventuring

Writing and Inquiry Experiences the Outdoors

Writing and Inquiry Experiences the Outdoors Instructor Gina Kirsten‘s Writing and Inquiry class have been taking Thursday adventures tied into their reading and writing. Last week, students read a chapter from Gary Paulsen’s Winterdance and took a tour of the developing ski trail on campus via dog power—with assistance from…

Aja Gregg ’22 with her research project

A Conversation with Aja Gregg: Northland’s 2022 Commencement Speaker

…I graduated high school with a class of eight hundred people—that’s more than the people who attend here. I like being part of a community. When I looked up Northland’s student-to-faculty ratio, I really liked that it was so low. I knew that if I went to a large school,…

Professor Sarah Johnson holds measuring tape at Stockton Island

Monitoring Vegetation in the Apostle Islands

Student-Faculty Research

…incredible summer. “I can’t imagine studying anywhere else,” Leonard said. “I have friends studying biology and natural resources at other schools, and very few of them are able to build their resumes through field experience and internships.” Student-Faculty Research Stockton Island is one of twenty-two Apostle Islands in Lake Superior…

WritersRead artwork

Writers to Share Their Encounters on Stage

With Northland Students, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni

…Riley Kaiser Grace Kilbane Devin Lavey Angie Mason Liz Minette Laurie Otis Sheila Packa Sue Schreiner Ella Shively JW Sutton Tara Wisnewski Janisch Plus Julie Buckles Gina Kirsten Emcee Cynthia Belmont Claire Duquette, For the Ashland Daily Press With Northland Students, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni Our lives are made up…

Trees growing outside Fenenga Hall on Northland College campus

A Gift from the Heart to Support Others

Brady-Hallberg-Ketelaar-Poore Scholarship

…for many schools their size. This is a compliment to the dedicated members of the staff and faculty and their devotion to their students and the environment. It has been most rewarding to receive thank you letters of appreciation from the recipients of the scholarship.” Alex Johnson ‘08, who studied…

Northland College students search for orchids as part of research project.

The Orchid Hunters

…business. “I still tell folks about the orchid hunt— it was a good challenging time,” he said. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Emily Leonard ’16 received her MS in ecology from Utah State University. She is currently an adjunct natural science faculty member at the Milwaukee Institute of Art &…

Northland College staff Stacy Craig

A Deeper Life Because of Northland

…the BioWatch Program at the Department of Homeland Security. Tina Ramme inspired staff, faculty, students, and community members with her stories of being a single mom working in Africa leading lion conservation efforts. Shannon Franks, a senior scientist with NASA, presented on working with satellite imagery to analyze the earth’s…

Wildlife icons to illustrate wildlife reearch.

Wildlife Research Lab

…space is shared with Professor of Forestry Jonathan Martin as a way to spur conversation across disciplines. Working with faculty and collaborators, students have co-authored several papers with more in review. Predicting Livestock Depredation Risk by African Lions European Journal of Wildlife Research, January 2020 Reducing human-wildlife conflicts by analyzing…

Joel Glickman online course

Endeavor Funds Essentials

The faculty joke about the circus act they have been performing in the classroom. From talking into a mask behind plexiglass with fogged up glasses to sitting on a log, shouting above the wind and traffic, they have had to adapt, innovate, and juggle to teach students face-to-face and online….