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Northland College biology faculty Andy

Second Goyke Joins Biology Team

For the past twenty-seven years, Andy Goyke has been a staple figure at Northland College. The science professor is notorious for wearing funky sweaters and no shoes; teaching a plethora of classes from biology, ichthyology, fisheries, and limnology; and being influential in Northland academics as the lead instructor of biology…

Northland College students search for orchids as part of research project.

The Orchid Hunters

…Design and an animal behavior lab instructor at Carroll University. “Michael [Sinclair], Forrest [Rosenbower] and I spent the day hiking up and down difficult terrain and got caught in a thunderstorm on the other side of the island from where we set up camp. When we finally made it back…

Northland College professors and student working on trails.

Tyler Forks Community Forest

Northland Partners with Landmark Conservancy

…various volunteer forest projects in the Northern Wisconsin region. Coulson even sees some of his students go from volunteering or interning with Landmark on forest projects to graduating and conducting those projects themselves, one of those projects being Outdoor Orientation. Landmark has been offering summer internships to lead forest projects…

Northland student Emma Holtan conducts research

A Chance to Speak for Lake Superior

Burke Center to Host IJC Public Listening Session Sept 25

…Lake Superior. The IJC is a binational group of commissioners from the United States and Canada focused on transnational boundary waters. They work to collect scientific data and public input on the health of the Great Lakes. They use this information to inform and advise governments and other parties on…

Everybody Party

Northland Welcomes the Class of 2023

Convocation and the Everybody Party

…at Northland College. Under a white tent, Director of Alumni Relations Jackie Moore ’05, Chief Operating Officer Karl Solibakke, Interim Dean of Students Melissa Harvey, Associate Dean Wendy Gorman, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Ruth de Jesus, Northland College Student Association leadership, and President Marvin Suomi welcomed students. “When the first…

COO Karl Solibakke Named College’s 15th President

Northland College President Marvin Suomi Steps Down

…College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. “It’s an extraordinary privilege to help lead this institution,” Solibakke said. “My year on campus has given me a chance to work with a remarkable faculty and staff and to meet a group of students — learners, creators,…

Tara Padovan

Tara Devotes Semester to Helping Refugees

…to jump back from where I was in May.” Tara took more of a leadership role her second time around—overseeing programming for adult women, teenage girls, painting, crafting, dancing, leading field trips to the museums, and having tea time. “It was important to give the girls and women a space…

Kids at Stockton

From the Archives: School on an Island

…(2004) “I feel happy being here. I like this island soooooo much!” “I felt peaceful. It’s not loud here. I felt like I am a part of nature.” “My heart feels right at home.” “Since my grandma died things have been different. At the sandstone rocks I felt her there….