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Honors Day poster session in Ponzio 2022

Honors Day

Northland College Vice President for Academic Affairs Alan Brew and acting President Chadwick Dayton provide recognition and celebration of presenters and a welcome to all attendees Northland Choir Hymn 2:15 p.m.—Ponzio Campus Center The Student Choir sings our Northland College Hymn to celebrate the start of the campus-wide events. Student…

Collage of historical photos of the Bro Family at Northland College

The Bro Family

A Century at Northland College 

…immigrants in Prentice, Wisconsin, whose high school pal was Kenneth Olson—Sigurd Olson’s brother. Kenneth set off to Northland College in 1912 and sent a letter to Albin, telling him he should do the same. Albin relayed the story of his arrival to Northland College at the 1945 inauguration of President

Northland alum fish geneticist holds up fish

Ackerman Brothers Pursue Fish Biology, Genetics

…in his decision to attend Northland, but everyone agrees that it was the right choice. Mike graduated from Northland in 2004 with a degree in natural resources with an emphasis in fish and wildlife ecology. “Northland put them where they belong—and now they both love their jobs,” Barb said, her…

Northland College Buttons

Q&A with Helen Pent Jenkins, class of 2008

…was obvious. Northland was a great fit. TRAVIS: During your senior year you were the president of the Northland College Student Association. What skills did you acquire and what accomplishments were made while leading that organization? HELEN: Being NCSA President was one of the best things I did in college….

Great Lakes map

Buffalo News Editorial: Battle is brewing

…attention spanning from Minneapolis to Montreal. As usual, all eyes will be on Michigan—the “Great Lakes State”—which has always prided itself on being the most vigorous vetter of Great Lakes water diversion applications. But eyes will be on New York, too. Like Quebec, New York is at the tail end…

Residential Living Policies

…by aa RA or HRA. Understanding of Risk I understand that I am at risk of contracting a communicable or infectious disease while using Northland College’s residence halls, facilities, and campus premises (“Northland Residences”) from other residents at Northland Residences, other users of Northland Residences, or other sources. By choosing…

Northland College Nordic Skiing

Participant Agreement

…Hayward. Extends an invitation to the “After Party” with lugeing and bonfire. Although Northland College has taken certain steps to provide Participants with equipment and instructors so they can enjoy an activity for which they may not be skilled, the activities of Northland College include risks. Certain of these risks…

Sunset at Forest Lodge

Changing Climate, Changing Culture

Student-Led Conference at Forest Lodge

Northland College Student Association vice president to expose as many students as possible to the benefits of becoming involved with the Citizens Climate Lobby. Ideally, Fisher would like to see three-to-five Northland College students active in the local chapter. “This weekend we initiated the steps to really achieve these goals…

Photo from Standing Rock

Advocacy & Public Discourse

Our purposes as a college are to foster rigorous and independent scholarship by our faculty and their students, encourage free inquiry in the pursuit of truth, and offer our objective findings to the larger community. Northland College fulfills these purposes by safeguarding scientific inquiry and intellectual discourse so all voices…

Northland College Everybody Party

Campus Life

…encourage you to organize and get something started. Here are three great great groups to explore: Northland College Student Association Northland College Environmental Council Native American Student Association Contact Student Affairs Location: Ponzio Campus Center Meet the student affairs team There’s a reason why Northland ranks top in the nation…