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Center for Rural Communities Releases First Opinion Poll: CAFO

…values, inhumane treatment of pigs, and harm to tourism. Those who favor the proposed CAFO, are most concerned about missing out on jobs and sending the wrong message to other businesses. “One of the most interesting findings is that regardless of where people stand on the issue, the majority are…

Northland College goalie blocks puck

Meet the Next Sustainable Entrepreneur

…education I receive here at Northland,” he said. Until then DiLillo will continue to take business classes and tend the goal for the LumberJack’s hockey team. He also joined the soccer team last fall and plays goalkeeper. “Playing two sports and having two majors is like having multiple full-time jobs

Glass of beer sitting next to Cabbie's Tap logo.

Ten-cent Taps, Lasting Romance & Ida's Special Sauce

…above and beyond what was required of them. This was certainly the case with Cabbie and Ida. Bob Wilson 1961 I knew Ida well. For two years of my tenure at Northland one of my many jobs was as a bartender at Cabbie’s. This would have been 1959, 1960. At…

Marissa Olsen

Filmmaking to Impassion, Teach

…to future filmmaking opportunities, mentioning that jobs at the Park Service or interpreting at a nature center sound exciting but she would really like to focus on wildlife documentary filmmaking. “Whatever I end up doing,” she says. “I hope to be able to educate on environmental issues and promote conservation…

Paul Fleischman: What I’ve Learned from Readers

…need to leave 80% of fossil fuels buried rather than burned to avoid disaster, murky issues get clear. Will the Keystone pipeline bring jobs? Is fracking a danger to groundwater? Suddenly the answers are unimportant. All that really matters is keeping those fuels in the ground. Politicians usually point to…

Where Sustainable Community Development Can Take You

Julie Fair & Adrian Diaz '16

…develop that supports their culture and way of life. Q. Adrian? A. I am working as an urban planner at Community Design Group (CDG) and a Program Coordinator at La Oportunidad. Both jobs allow me use my sociology and SCD background. At CDG, an urban planning consulting firm focused on…

Northland College graduate Olivia Anderson runs tests at the Burke Center lab

Summer Ideal Time for Gaining Professional Experience

Olivia Anderson, 2018 Graduate

…finding unique opportunities for students of any year. For example, there are the centers on campus, professors doing research, the Northland Jobs Board, and Stacy Craig who is knowledgeable on numerous internship and work opportunities. Q. Most influential courses? A. Brian Tochterman introduced me to sustainable community development and in…

Northland College alumnus Tiffany Kirsten stands with fellow activists along the border of Texas and Mexico

Birds and the Border Wall

…Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Student Employee Jobs she’s held since Northland: birding education supervisor, visitor services specialist, interpretive naturalist, coastal waterbird monitor & educator, avian field technician, waterfowl surveyor Current Career: Manager at the McAllen Nature Center & Town Lake at Firemen’s Park in McAllen, Texas Her Story When…

Northland College student holding phone.

The Woman Behind the Screen

…said Jason Terry, associate professor of art. Fischer majors in biology and minors in art. She works two jobs—at a bakery and as a social media assistant in the Office of Marketing Communication at Northland College. And she is the captain of the women’s cross country team. “Mikaela takes it…

Two students in front of power point

A Winning Business Idea

…“And then they won,” he laughed. “Matt is a go-getter and Jesse grinds his way through—the two worked hard and they deserve all the accolades.” The two share a strong work ethic, working jobs from a young age. They are both double-majoring in business management and sustainable entrepreneurship, play hockey…