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Honors Day poster session in Ponzio 2022

Honors Day

concert featuring Northland College students and community members. Honors Day 2021 2021 Posters 2022 Awards 2021 Awards Honors Day is a long-standing tradition at Northland, held each year in April. The purpose of this event is to recognize the achievements of our exceptional students. This is done through an array…

Northland Volleyball student athlete

Student Athlete Handbook

…a person, whether individually or in a concert with others, against a student in connection with pledging, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, participating in, or maintaining membership in any organization or team affiliated with Northland College; and which is intended to have the effect of, or should…

Trees growing outside Fenenga Hall on Northland College campus

A Gift from the Heart to Support Others

Brady-Hallberg-Ketelaar-Poore Scholarship

Brady-Hallberg-Ketelaar-Poore Scholarship In 1994, four students—Scott Brady, Daniel Hallberg, Elise Ketelaar, and Bradley Poore—died in a car accident on their way back to campus from a concert. Inspired to create a legacy in memory of these students, family and friends created an endowed scholarship that would go to students who…

Joel Glickman online course

The Unfinished Symphony in our 2020 Pandemic

Chris Hulmer Ashland Daily Press Column On March 13 when it became real that we would not have any spring concerts it was a big hit to the soul. One thing that every director loves is the final product, the coming together, the last production…..The Concert. It is the chance…

Joel Glickman strums his banjo

The Sound of Outdoor Music    

Retired Professor of Music Joel Glickman

…be my personal favorite fair-weather practice room out in nature’s realm. All the above-mentioned possible plein aire concert halls do not even come close to exhausting the venue options for outdoor music here in circumpolar paradise, nor is disturbing the peace in this particular manner an original idea from the…


The Stories and Voices of This Region

WritersRead Celebrates Ten Years

…Northland College in 1951 at a spring concert: I was aware of faces turning to look and of gentle proddings from my friends, as if I hadn’t noticed what was happening. His eyes kept mine and maybe it was the spring, or even Shakespeare’s mythical Puck dispensing his infamous potion,…

Northland College Ponzio Campus Center in Fall

Clery COVID-19 Compliance Notification

Healthy and Safety Statement

…via emails, social media alerts, and a College COVID-19 central web page dedicated to our response to COVID-19. We continue to work in concert with the guidance and response efforts of the federal government, the state of Wisconsin and local authorities. This one-time communication provides the required warning related to…