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Wisconsin city wants to pump its drinking water from Lake Michigan

BY REBECCA WILLIAMS, Michigan Radio Environment Report Waukesha wants to build a pipeline to the Great Lakes. The city is in southeast Wisconsin, 17 miles from Lake Michigan. It has a radium problem in its groundwater supply. Waukesha wants to fix its drinking water problem by pulling water from Lake…

Professor Joel Glickman conducts an orchestra.

Forty Years Conducting

…Glickman said. “That’s the idea, anyway.” In addition to the theme and to celebrating forty years, Glickman looks forward to Saturday for yet another reason: Norman Gilliland, Wisconsin Public Radio’s commentator and host, will introduce the symphony. Gilliland hosts daily classical music broadcasts and is a fan of the symphony…

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MPR: How Waukesha, Wis., Could Change the Way We Use Great Lakes water

Tom Weber, Minnesota Public Radio Sep 8, 2015 A historic agreement over use of the Great Lakes is facing its first major test — the city of Waukesha, WI is looking for exemption to the Great Lakes Compact — if granted, that would be the first exemption since the interstate…

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WPR: WritersRead 2018

Wisconsin Public Radio broadcasts the 8th Annual “Writers Read: Gut Instinct.” The program features original works of fiction, non-fiction, twitterature and poetry from writers living in northern Wisconsin and the Twin Ports. The event was coordinated by Julie Buckles and Northland College in partnership with WPR. Writers from the Chequamegon…

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Water Summit

The Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation convened a Water Summit on Oct. 1, 2016 dedicated to “The Future of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.” Experts from New York to Minnesota gathered on Madeline Island in Lake Superior to examine past successes and challenges of GLRI, and to have…

Pine marten

WPR: Scientists Seek To Solve Marten Mystery On The Apostle Islands

Erik Olson, associate professor of natural resources

Spotting the American marten in Wisconsin is no easy task. So, it’s no surprise that park officials at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore initially doubted what they were seeing when visitors shared photos of the mammal that’s endangered in the state. “In 2010, this photo was taken and it was…