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Local Food Important to Northern Wisconsin Residents

…the farm, off-farm food stands, through community supported agriculture (CSA), farmer’s markets, or pick your own. Some 65.6 percent get food by hunting, fishing, or gathering—ricing, tapping trees, gathering forest fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Some 58.5 percent grow fruits or vegetables, or raise animals for meat or products. And 33.4…

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Center for Rural Communities Releases First Opinion Poll: CAFO

Almost two-thirds—63.3 percent—of Ashland and Bayfield county residents said they are opposed to the proposed Badgerwood LLC Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in Bayfield County, according to the Northland College Public Opinion Poll released today. The Northland College Center for Rural Communities (CRC) conducted telephone interviews with a random sample…

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Consumer Information

Northland College is a private, non-profit liberal arts college with a progressive focus on the environment and sustainability, located in Ashland, Wisconsin. Per the U.S. Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) and other federal regulations, Northland College discloses information about the College ranging from athletic, academic, financial aid, security, graduation rates,…

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The American Bar Association, the American Association of Law Schools, and pre-law advising organizations agree that a solid liberal arts education is the best preparation for law school. Because of this, law schools accept students with a wide variety of majors and backgrounds. Your advisor will help you find a…

Northland College Baldwin Commons


Northland College is proud to have a strong local foods initiative. We’re already half way to our goal of having eighty percent of the food served on campus supplied from local sources. We have built the Hulings Rice Food Center to help reach that goal. Currently nearly twenty farms and…

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We believe that life outside of the classroom is just as important as in. Which is why we strive to provide a healthy living environment where you can expand and grow as an individual. Living on campus lets you connect in a deeper way with the Northland community and imparts…

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Learn About Wolves

This section is a great place to begin learning all about wolves. Information in this section will start with the basics of wolves around the world and carry you through more advanced publications.

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Wolf Status Reports

Every one to three years (depending on region) state and federal agencies survey and monitor gray wolf populations. These reports summarize the best available information on the status of gray wolves in specific regions in the United States.