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Blue Wave owners stand with retailers and with Northland College President Michael A. Miller

Blue Wave Owners Donate Building to Northland College

…in 2012 as a way to help his hometown create a space to recreate and enjoy the big lake. “Jim and Beth are an energetic, civic-minded, creative pair,” said Northland College President Michael A. Miller. “Northland College is honored to carry forward their vision of a space where the public…

Northland College Food Center Director Todd Rothe stands in front of the composting machine.

Northland College Wants Your Leftovers

Community Compost Program

college can produce. The answer, Northland Food Systems Manager Todd Rothe said, is to open the composting program to the entire Ashland community. “The new machine that we installed here two years ago is big enough for us to put in one ton of material a day,” he said. “It…

Gary Ferguson

2014 SONWA Winners Announced

Northland College announced today for Earth Day their choices for the best in nature writing this past year. Three authors have been selected to receive the Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Award (SONWA) for adult, young adult, and children’s literature. Established in 1991, the SONWA honors the literary legacy of…

Robin Wall Kimmerer at commencement

“We can’t just change light bulbs, we have to change hearts”

Commencement 2015 BY Sara Chase, For the Ashland Daily Press “Commencement—it doesn’t sound like an ending it sounds like a beginning,” said Northland College President Dr. Michael A. Miller Saturday in his greeting at the college’s commencement for its 2014-15 graduates. The ceremony for Northland’s 112 graduates, their family and…

Northland College teaching students talk with Washburn fifth graders

For Lucas, Elementary Ed Provides Pathway to Greater Good

Harrison Lucas '17

…that he’s done in his life and try to carry that on. Q. How was it coming to Northland College? A. I transferred here from St. John’s University in Minnesota. When I first got to Northland it was different to say the least. I was coming from a larger school,…

Robin Wall Kimmerer

The Gifts You Bring the World

…(as if a college education, and lifelong love and support were not enough). But what I want to think of today, are not the gifts that the world brings to you, but the gifts you bring to the world. In Anishinaabe traditions, the direction of gift giving on a day

Deer exclosure-Bayfield County

Wisconsin’s Disappearing Forest

Prof Sarah Johnson researches the botanical realities of deer browse

I’m standing in a northern Wisconsin forest with botanist Sarah Johnson, an associate professor of natural resources and biology at Northland College, where I work. She has been checking text messages from her student researchers, who are working on Outer Island—one of the twenty-two Apostle Islands on Lake Superior that…

Alumnus Henry Fitzgibbon performs on stage at Northland College

Henry Fitzgibbon ’51 On Broadway

A Life in the Arts

…him to think about applying. None of his family had ever attended college and he hadn’t considered college as part of his future. Until that letter. “So, then and there, I started to put money into my savings account, with going to college the following year, a very strong possibility.”…

Northland College campus

Resident Behavior

…may be handled through the college judicial process. At Northland College, the costs of damages and vandalism that cannot be attributed to a specific individual are shared by everyone. Therefore, Northland College reserves the right to assess residents the charges and/or withhold resident’s room deposit for damages that occur in…

SONWA winning books

SONWA Winners 1991-Present

Nature Books for Adults and Children

…in the five remote locations they loved and shared together, The Carry Home embodies Olson’s literary legacy through its articulation of the Wilderness Movement, exploring the fundamental meaning of wilderness and by being a “well-written story stylistically,” said Alan Brew, associate professor of English at Northland College, who served on…