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Mother loon and her chick

Wisconsin Loon Population on the Rise

Results of the 2015 one-day Wisconsin Loon Population Survey

…2010, and the chick population is estimated at 834, an increase of 37.8 percent. “I’m surprised and pleased,” said LoonWatch Coordinator Erica LeMoine. “Between the 2010 Gulf oil spill and 2012 botulism outbreak they’ve faced extraordinary challenges over the last five years, so this is good news.” The survey has…

Weather graphic of clouds, snow, and lightning

7 Weather Watchers

Meterological Careers

…a scientist ever since. In 2013, he became the executive director for Science at the Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, directing a group of researchers/scientists toward the goal of using current derived satellite-based meteorological products to improve forecasting of aviation weather hazards. Mikayla Duarte ’17…

Journal Entries Singing Wilderness

…old idea of interpretation – plus the more mature feeling that you now have, the more mature understanding. August 11, 1952 A short newspaper clipping, which Sigurd attached to the looseleaf page on which he typed his journal entry, is what prompted him to write. Below I have first put…

Northland College Health Services

COVID-19 Updates

…receive a grant of $900 Current full-time eligible students in good standing with an EFC score of 2857-5576 will receive a grant of $700 Current full-time eligible students in good standing with an EFC score greater than 5577 will receive a grant of $450. The remaining funds will be distributed…

Eyes Wide Open book cover

Eyes Wide Open Review

…variety of current environmental news topics are introduced in this essay, but the unique manner in which the author presents is not just a factual litany of worries. Fleischman leads the young reader to explore human motivations, influences, and barriers in the decision-making process, and matters of societal and cultural…

Collage of Northland College professors who will be teaching a course on the pandemic


A New Course at Northland College

…out the remainder of their terms with existing courses, May term provided an opportunity to creatively respond to current events,” said Dave Ullman, assistant professor of geoscience, who helped spearhead this course with a team of other faculty members. As an added twist, this four-week course will be made freely…

CAFO graphic

Center for Rural Communities Releases First Opinion Poll: CAFO

…opposition, 19.5 percent strongly favor or lean toward favoring it. The remaining 17.2 percent are neutral. Bayfield County is exploring CAFO regulations that would be stronger than current state regulations. Nearly three-quarters—72.5 percent—of households support tighter local regulations on CAFOs while 19.8 percent oppose tighter regulations, and 7.6 percent remain…

Northland College alum Abby Rose and her sister Yana Dee at Yana Dee Ethical Apparel

Thread of Hope

Making Fashion Ecological, Sustainable, and Just

…vision of what kind of business,” she said. “Finally, I realized Yana Dee needed more help. Why would I go back to school to get a job I could have right now?” In contrast to the current trend of “fast fashion,”—more clothes at a faster rate, for less money—the Weglarz…

Muddy fish creek watershed

Northland Project Aims to Clear Chequamegon Bay’s Muddy Waters

…some of the logs and others were provided serendipitously by last month’s flood, which uprooted hundreds of trees. Ultimately, Hudson said would like to see the work continue beyond the pilot project. “If it’s actually going to make an impact, if our goal is to reduce the current rate of…

Sunset at Forest Lodge

Changing Climate, Changing Culture

Student-Led Conference at Forest Lodge

…will be offered as a one-credit course for current Northland College students. Craig said she is currently working to make this a reality, using this year’s pilot as the model. If approved, next year’s conference will likely feature more speakers, a water activity on Lake Namekagon, and a few hours…