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Deer exclosure-Bayfield County

Wisconsin’s Disappearing Forest

Prof Sarah Johnson researches the botanical realities of deer browse

…and the shrubs—they have no nesting habitat. It occurs to me later that I am walking through a museum, filled with relics of the past, and I wonder about the future of the northern forest. I later ask Johnson her thoughts on this. She says she suspects that future generations…

SONWA winning books

SONWA Winners 1991-Present

Nature Books for Adults and Children

…of nature’s most deadly predator. John Vaillant is a non-fiction author and journalist who was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has lived in Vancouver for the past thirteen years. • 2010 Children. Seeds of Change, author Jen Cullerton Johnson and illustrator Sonia Lynn Sadler. About a young Kenyan girl who…

Liz White in cap and gown

Liz White: Student Commencement Address

…But what I see most is close friends, good neighbors, and caring community members. Together we have already made a huge difference in this community and I can’t wait to see what impact we will make in the future. I wish the best to all of you, always. Thank you….

Fish Creek flowing into Chequamegon Bay

Researchers Prep region for Climate Change

…cleanup efforts until next spring, providing more time and opportunity for the substances to spread. Research funded by Wisconsin Sea Grant could help prevent such weather-related damage and delays in the future. “Chequamegon Bay is arguably the least-climate-adapted spot in the country from an infrastructure viewpoint,” said Randy Lehr, Bro…

Honors Day poster session in Ponzio 2022

Honors Day

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research studies to protect the rights of participants. The Northland College IRB requires that all investigators conducting research with human participants complete training with the National Institute of Health. If you have questions, please email the IRB….

Wolf laying down

Wolf Status Reports

Every one to three years (depending on region) state and federal agencies survey and monitor gray wolf populations. These reports summarize the best available information on the status of gray wolves in specific regions in the United States.

Northland College Alliance: The 40th Anniversary Formal

March 18, 6:30 pm9:00 pm

March 2023 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Alliance on Northland’s campus. To celebrate this major milestone of the club, we are inviting everyone, especially past and present members of the club, to come to Northland College’s Alvord Theatre and dance like there’s no tomorrow! We are…

Commencement processional

FAFSA Forum with Kevin!

February 9, 12:00 pm12:30 pm

Join the Office of Student Wellness for a special event with Kevin Haas, Northland alum and financial aid advisor in the Office of Financial Aid. Financial wellness is one of the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, an approach to caring for our mental and physical well-being. Financial aid can seem overwhelming,…