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Northland College alum Carl Sacks looks at GIS with students

Mapping for a Better World

Created "The Black Snake in Sioux Country" Map

Carl Sack ’06 has always loved maps. As a teenager, he got into orienteering, which uses detailed topographic maps, and he was hooked for life. “I loved picturing the landscapes they showed to find the fastest way across wild country.” At Northland College, Sack would stare for hours at DeLorme…

Northland College Professor Erik Olson standing on a fallen white pine tree.

Second Life of a White Pine

Maxwell Property Provides Off-Campus Learning Opportunities

On a parcel of land known as the Maxwell property, a dozen Northland students follow Jon Martin, associate professor of forestry, down a narrow footpath near the winding banks of the White River. These students are in the Sustainable Forest Management May Term course and are using the Maxwell property,…

Mexican gray wolf movie still

Back from the Brink of Extinction

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Recovery

Mexican wolves (Canis lupus baileyi) have persevered against what many might consider overwhelming odds. The 1982 recovery team saw no possibility of complete delisting of the Mexican wolf and instead established a prime objective “to conserve and ensure the survival of Canis lupus baileyi by maintaining a captive breeding population…

Northland College alum Jason Luthy on a climb

Empowering Communities, Individuals

Outdoor Ed Alum Started Longleaf Wilderness Medicine

After Hurricane Katrina, the medical director of the Alabama Outward Bound School approached Jason Luthy ’06, who was working at the school, about developing a wilderness medicine training program to prepare coastal communities in how to respond during natural disasters, when emergency medical personnel are delayed. The two started Longleaf…

Northland College chemistry classroom

NSF Award Funds Sustainable Plastics Research

NC Receives $364,361 National Science Foundation Award

Northland College has received its first National Science Foundation award for research purposes. The $364,361 award will, in part, support Associate Professor of Chemistry Nick Robertson’s student-intensive research on the synthesis and chemical recycling of plastics. “The grant allows us to significantly build on what we’ve started—to provide students with…

Northland College alum Abe Lloyd harvesting wild rice

Wild Foods

Sustainable Solution to Big Ag

Abe Lloyd’s ’02 interest in wild foods dates back to childhood campouts in a vacant lot next to his house in Washington state and his childhood fantasy of never needing to go inside. “When I was at Northland, I began to think much more deeply about the environmental and social…

Northland College Food Systems Manager Todd Rothe

Todd Rothe ’10 Says Farmers Need a Plan

Todd Rothe ’10 is the food systems manager of the Hulings Rice Food Center and will be teaching Sustainable Food Production in the fall as part of the newly-created sustainable agriculture minor. Buckles: How have attitudes around food changed in the last two decades? Rothe: I remember sitting at the…

Northland College student repackage leftover food.

Students Combat Food Insecurity

As part of a new food recovery initiative, Northland College students have been collecting leftover food slated for the compost bin—pizza, soup, mashed potatoes—from Chartwells Dining Service on campus and they package and deliver it to a regional food bank. This initiative is part of a nationwide, student-led movement combatting…