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Alum Andy Okey at work at ambulance hall.

Responding with Care

Andy Okey '87

…and leaving their work clothes at work.” In his free time, he is mastering photography—look at his Facebook page for a recent shoot of kites on Chequamegon Bay—and he and Carrie both love to search for geocaches. In February Andy received two rounds of vaccinations, and to no one’s surprise,…

Kids at Stockton

SOEI Receives $500K for Stewardship and Land Conservation

…purchase necessary tools and supplies. “Young people are spending less and less time outdoors,” Brew said. “We believe it’s critical for them to have positive experiences in the outdoors for their physical and mental well-being and because they will be the ones to ensure the continued protection of wild places.”…

Northland College student in ceramics room throwing a pot.

The Start of Art at Northland

An American Crafts Movement

David Saetre, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion An American Crafts Movement Useful knowledge while stimulating the mind is a deep legacy of ceramic arts at Northland College. Northland’s ceramics legacy began in the red clay of the campus with the industry of students and faculty. In the throes of…

Northland College alum Kealy White at work at bakery.

Stepping Back, Leaning In

Kealy White '99

…since she was eight weeks old,” Kealy said. “This was our chance—biking riding and sidewalk chalk was totally our jam.” Kealy clocked backed in after four weeks, working from home at first and slowly returning to the physical building. “Having an employer that valued my perspective and allowed me the…

Northland College alum Scott Griffiths runs the SPARK program in Ashland, Wisconsin.

Fanning the Flame

Scott Griffiths '97 takes everything he's done in life and wraps into a package for teens.

…the streets of cities around the US, then to the world of west African dance—including a trip to Guinea in west Africa. He and Kellie moved to Boulder, Colorado, and ran a democratic school. “It was super aligned with my philosophy on how kids learn,” he said. “Give them agency,…

Horses pull a wagon in front of a recently-built Wheeler Hall in a black-and-white photo.

Northland College at 130 Years: Navigating the Highway Ahead

Celebrating Strengths, Meeting Challenges, and Recognizing Opportunities

…and adult learning formats. In many ways, we underutilize our beautiful campus and our exceptional physical resources during the summer months, and programs such as these would resonate with and enhance our outreach objectives. Our Resonating Mission A liberal arts education infused with an environmental focus across disciplines is an…

Northland College student Erick Marchessault

Student Researches Tick-Borne Illnesses

Erick Marchessault Preps for Med School

…small school to finish his undergraduate degree—and found Northland College. “I like the individual attention, being able to ask questions and interact with faculty,” he said. Now twenty-six, Marchessault is studying natural resources and pre-healthcare with the goal of becoming a physician. He’s currently collaborating with Assistant Professor Geoffrey Vincent…

Northland College Campus

Finding True North

…bottom of Old Mission Hill. It was only when David Saetre, emeritus professor of philosophy and religion, suggested I read Nathaniel B. Dexter’s Northland College: A History that I fully appreciated the link between my Madeline roots and my new post. Now, I imagine Reverend Wheeler sleeping under island stars,…

Two people hold a sign reading “Get Ready for Nonviolence” in winter

What I Learned in Jail

…first half of what would turn into a twenty-eight-day sojourn in solitary confinement. Things we did back then? We hand-wrote letters to each other. Jim let me continue my coursework from my cell; Don Albrecht paused my photography assignments. We were reading William Cronon’s Changes on the Land in Paul…

Northland College Trustee Mary H. Rice on her porch in Bayfield.

Wisdom, Work, Wallop, and Wealth

Mary Rice’s Enduring Legacy

…the commitment of the board.” For May term In 2003, Mary invited David Saetre,—emeritus professor of religion and philosophy and a good friend—and students to her remote Italian villa, a fourteenth-century Franciscan monastery. The idea was to create a living and learning location to expose students to art and Italian…