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Northland College student in class

Science with Heart

Emma Holtan Attends Reciprocal Healing Confluence

…world. Holtan and Jenkins traveled together in early November to the Natural History Institute in Prescott, Arizona, for four days of workshops, plenary speakers, and personal reflection. Jenkins summed up the conference as nourishing—spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. “It was a profound experience for everyone there.” In addition, Holtan got…

Northland College Volleyball Coach Chelsea Meierotto

Empowering Women

Meet Chelsea Meierotto

…on. I am very proud to be continuing my mom’s and dad’s legacy as a coach in the area with a goal to have a positive impact on all players I coach. Can you talk about your philosophy, your secret sauce for success? My goal is to empower young women…

Two Northland College students and dogs

Finding Home on a New Campus

Transfer Students Michaela Jurewicz and Katie Tapper

…to your game plan? Katie: I plan on double majoring in biology and natural resources with an emphasis on fisheries and wildlife and I plan on going into wildlife conservation and animal behavior. Or possibly working with endangered species. A part of me wants to combine photography with science and…

Pink squirrel illustration by James O'Brien

Pink Explosion

Armed With a Flashlight and a Sense of Wonder, Researchers Discover Hot-Pink Squirrels

…where she was meant to be and she took full advantage. Applying for and joining Olson’s Wildlife Research Lab and then signing on for the pink squirrel journey. Olson deliberately shares space with Martin’s forestry researchers. Kohler said it has been eye-opening to watch Olson’s philosophy play out. “From the…

solar garden

CRC Helps City Plan for Renewable Future

Center for Rural Communities Updates Ashland City Plan for Energy Independence

A report released this week reveals the City of Ashland will need to invest $1.8-$2.9 million in solar to meet its goal of getting 25 percent of its total energy through renewable sources by 2025. “The good news is that the initial upfront investment will pay for itself after 12…