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Northland College Frank Wroblewski presenting to the Venus Exploration Analysis Group, a NASA-sponsored working group

Geology Student Presents Planetary Research to NASA Working Group

Parsonage Fund Provides Backing for Conference

…researched the geologic processes on the surface of Venus and the development and application of novel remote sensing techniques to study the planet. Wroblewski’s internship was so successful, the Venus Exploration Analysis Group, a NASA-sponsored working group, asked him to present at their meeting at the Applied Physics Laboratory of…

Milwaukee Schlitz Center skyline graphic

Northland and the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

Jessica (Biswell) Knox '98, Spring and Nick Holz Houston '15

…to continue. I applied and got a job through AmeriCorps with Milwaukee Habitat within a few weeks. When my time with Habitat was coming to a close, I knew I wanted a physical job where the fruits of my labor were immediate. I happened to find the perfect position here….

Michele Small

Defining CliFi

Prof Michele Small talks about her new course.

…reading some Canadian CliFi, a Finnish novel, and we will end the course with a novel very much in line with Northland’s ethos and philosophy. What lessons relevant to 2020 can students learn from climate fiction? In the final analysis, these readings should be an invitation for all of us…

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College

From the Archives: A Corner Office—in the Basement

…in this space that “The Institute Brochure” came to be. This eighteen-page publication, which features faculty from the era like Goetz and Dick Verch, served as a prospectus for the Institute, and it includes a statement of philosophy attributed to Sigurd Olson: “the enhancement of life in our beautiful northern…

Pink squirrel illustration by James O'Brien

Pink Explosion

Armed With a Flashlight and a Sense of Wonder, Researchers Discover Hot-Pink Squirrels

…where she was meant to be and she took full advantage. Applying for and joining Olson’s Wildlife Research Lab and then signing on for the pink squirrel journey. Olson deliberately shares space with Martin’s forestry researchers. Kohler said it has been eye-opening to watch Olson’s philosophy play out. “From the…

Robert Rue Parsonage and Ruth Lull with sons at Northland College 1980s

Embracing the North

A cross country move, thirty-three years in the making.

…and outreach, was named one of Wisconsin’s five true liberal arts colleges, and was included in the prestigious Earth Day Top Ten honors from the American Institute of Architects. He also served on community, state, and national boards, taught philosophy and religion when he could, and still found the time…

Collage of Northland College professors who will be teaching a course on the pandemic


A New Course at Northland College

…allow for the greater community to engage with us as well.” Lessons include: history of pandemics, epidemiology of infectious disease, public health principles, biology of viruses, cost benefit analysis of social isolation, philosophy of hope and despair, public land use and changing recreation patters, and the poetry and music of…

Northland College alumnus Joe Fitzgerald on stage.

The Place Where You Start

Burke alum keeps environmental justice at the core of his work.

…a collective impact approach, emphasizing that water is life, not a separate issue and that it connects with so many other aspects of our society. “As people, the majority of our bodies are water. The majority of the planet is water. And if nothing else, water really does physically shape…

Northland College Campus

Northland Remains Vigilant

Presidential Update

physical distance, and we are conducting some on-campus classes and seminars in specially-designed outdoor venues. A number of our faculty have even opted to split the students between classroom and online study, in order to impede the potential for exposure to the virus. We are now four weeks into our…

Northland College faculty Jesse M. Caskey and Franklin C. Lane

Before the Beginning

Fifteen years before the Apostle Islands became a park, faculty and students established a field laboratory on Rocky.

…to collect zoological specimens; Lane’s group to gather botanical. Meanwhile, the students completed coursework in plant ecology, invertebrate zoology, general zoology, plant taxonomy, and conducted special research in mycology and plant pathology. They created and added to their own insect collections; pursued their own research; and spent evenings on photography