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Students measure waves at beach


Rock solid connections. Gain a full understanding of the formation and internal composition of your home planet. Our geology major takes you on a full-scale adventure throughout the entire history of Earth, from its formation to the present-day physical, chemical, and biological changes it is still undergoing. You will study…

Northland College Dexter Library


…graphics and unusual approaches to page design and to development an internet delivered course in PHY 104 Introduction to Astronomy. Andy Goyke, Professor of Biology Winter term 2004; to focus on curriculum development and course improvement. Primarily to organize the content of the aquatics portion of the biology curriculum to…

northland college sustainable community development faculty and student


…you can receive a private school education at a public school price. Loading… Program Emphasis Options Physical Planning and Development This emphasis will train you to think about sustainable community development as it relates to the physical environment, by exploring urban, rural and suburban contexts. International Development This emphasis will…

This is how we do natural resources. Woman with fish.

Natural Resources

…Resources Outdoor Education Philosophy* Physics* Pre-Health Care* Pre-Law* Pre-Ministry* Pre-Veterinary Medicine* Psychology Religious Studies Sociology and Social Justice Spanish* Sports Management* Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems* Sustainable Community Development Water Science Writing * Available only as a minor, emphasis, or special program. With coursework and field experiences focused on ecosystem…

Students at a camp fire

High School Summer Handbook

…a person’s gender, national origin, race, creed, color, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability, or religious beliefs that are offensive to a person associated with the program. Examples include verbal harassment (derogatory comments, demeaning jokes, threats, etc.), physical harassment (unnecessary touching, etc.), and visual harassment (cartoons,…

photo of Newton Bobb's plant specimens

Digitizing the Past for the Future

Hours in the Herbarium

…anything but stagnant. “Latin names are now changing faster than ever as molecular biology reveals more information about species relationships,” Johnson said. “Some species we once thought to be related have turned out not to be, and vice versa.” When scientific plant names change following new discoveries, physical plant samples…

Sigurd F. Olson Journal Entries

…doing anything out of doors, love of the soil, of travel of hunting of fishing of everything — no dried melancholy philosophy but something new and alive — a philosophy of happiness in actioin — the joy of doing things for their own sake — Strike a note & hold…

Red canoe on a lake

Discovering the Northland Spirit

Sense of Connection, Self, Community

David Saetre, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion Sense of Connection, Self, Community Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Religion David Saetre Students from the Spiritual Life Center theme house first guided me through the woods south of campus, along Bay City Creek to the Grandfather Tree. It was the fall…

Kids reading outdoors

Nature Based Reading

…Girl Who Drew Butterflies, we learn that photography had not yet been invented. Instead, artists were responsible for drawings of the city, important moments and providing images for people to understand what was available to buy, sell or trade. Invite the students to imagine a life without photography (or even…

Donna and George Arbaugh

Walking in Sigurd Olson’s Footsteps

Supporting Stewardship Through Scholarships

…position as a philosophy professor at Pacific Lutheran University while Donna worked in administration and raised a gaggle of boys. Summers were always for the cabin. “For a few years, we had three boys, two small dogs, and Charley the cat all in the station wagon,” she said. “No wonder…