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Fostering the Next Generation of Stewards

physical well-being as well as their emotional health. Studies support the value of outdoor experiences in the development of the whole child. REGISTER NOW. A very large percentage of young people spend less time outside than did children of their parents’ generation. What’s more, people born after 1995 are considered…

kayaking students

Lake Superior is the Classroom

…dynamic this lake is and, like our bodies, how it constantly changes. It can seem angry or peaceful as though it has different moods. Its topography changes dramatically as we traveled to different ports. Yet it connects us all through its astounding beauty, and the chance to play and work…

Winning books in grass

SONWA 2015 Winners

Rivers, Water, and a North Woods Girl

…Water Runs Through This Book, by Nancy Bo Flood and photography by Jan Sonnenmair (Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, Colorado), and North Woods Girl, by Aimee Bissonette with illustrations by Claudia McGehee (Minnesota Historical Society Press, St. Paul, Minnesota), a beautiful book of a girl and her unorthodox, up north grandmother and…

Northland College graduate Olivia Anderson runs tests at the Burke Center lab

Summer Ideal Time for Gaining Professional Experience

Olivia Anderson, 2018 Graduate

Major: sustainable community development with physical planning and development emphasis, and natural resources with ecological restoration emphasis Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota Future Plans: sustainable design Q. What are you up to post-graduation? A. Short-term, this summer and at least into the fall I will be working for the Mary Griggs…

Weather graphic of clouds, snow, and lightning

7 Weather Watchers

Meterological Careers

…said. Nathan Lynum ’16 graduated in May 2018 from the School of Mines and Technology in South Dakota with a master of science degree in atmospheric and environmental sciences. His thesis research has been focused on the influences and different physical processes within a large single supercell interacting with extreme…

Graphic design student interns in Sweden

Graphic Design on the Job

Swedish Student Returns Home for Internship

…Monday we had a staff meeting over breakfast where new ideas were welcomed to be shared,” he said. “Their philosophy was all about equality and everyone pulling the rope in the same direction.” Bülling also worked on the redesign of the e-commerce website to include an English language version, and…

Immerse Yourselves

…from an individual’s family and community; • a journey that often requires the individual to cross water or other thresholds; • trials and challenges that might be physical, emotional, or intellectual in nature; • and, when the individual is successful in meeting these trials, a return and reintegration with the…

Paulette Moore with her camera

Free Speech TV Premieres Moore’s Doc

…Wisconsin with Love. This film focuses on the spiritual, economic, physical, and legal aspects of the act of harvest from the perspective of Ojibwe prophecy and practice. “Indigenous world view and action are focused on relationship and responsibility to each other, to the land and the water. When we consider…

Student and professor in wetland

Chasing Dragonflies for Science

Senior Joe Fitzgerald been involved in graduate level research for the last four years at Northland College, leading plankton research in Chequamegon Bay, developing a phytoplankton catalog, and studying silver carp in the in the Mississippi. The first two have earned him the name The Plankton Guy. This past summer…