The annual WritersRead event at Northland College has become a favorite north woods winter evening of raucous fun. A team of judges asks regional writers to explore a theme, select the most appropriate pieces, then choreograph the readings into an evening of entertainment.

WritersRead has explored themes of love, food, travel, elements, taboos, transformation, the dark side. Now for the eighth annual WritersRead we’re challenging regional writers on the theme of “gut instinct”—when has it steered you right, when has it steered you wrong, and when have you completely ignored it?

The categories: Nonfiction (1000 words), Sudden fiction (750 words), Micro-fiction (300 words), Twitterature (140 characters–up to 10), and poetry (up to 10).

The deadline for submissions is December 15. The WritersRead event will be held at Northland College Friday, January 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Rules and guidelines and submission form can be found here.